Memories of School

by Michael_Koger

There are many memories of school. They begin in the childhood years and continue through adulthood.

Progress through school accompanies growth and development both physical and emotional.
Subsequently there are the young adult, middle-age, and elderly years. Some will finish school as young adults. Others will continue their education through the elderly years and obtain several college degrees.

One Story of Learning

School is where you learn

As your heart will yearn.

It is where you do math

To keep you on the path.


It is where you study

That’s better than something muddy.

It is where you remember

Your best teacher in December.


It is where you read

So you can do good deeds.

It is where you play sports

To keep life from becoming short.


It is where you graduate

Now it is time to situate.

It is where you meet a girl

Her hair in a beautiful swirl.


It is where you use number two

Machine-scored pencils--never boo.

It is where you learn history

It’s better to call it herstory.


It is where you slip and fall

Why not go to the mall?

It is where you learn music

Now it’s time to use it.


It is where you meet a boy

She said it was such a joy.

It is where you go to gym

That’s not a place exactly dim.


It’s where the first day of school

Is always something cool.

It’s where you hide your first crush

Raining outside and walking in the slush.


It is where you learn French

Like I said it’s more than an inch.

And school is where you learn Spanish

Will it make you planish?


It is where you meet friends

Memories without end.

It is where you go to the lab

This one isn’t drab.


It’s where you get a new book

There’s my name—take a look.

It’s where you take a short nap

No cameras to take a snap.


It’s where you move to the dorm

Beginning of college is the norm.

It where you go to cafeteria

For most that’s nothing mysterious.


Are you off to graduate school?

You know it’s really cool.

What comes after the college degree?

You can first say that you’re free.


Now middle-aged with children too

Some will wonder what to do.

A house, a dog, and lots of money

Kiss your wife—please come here honey.


Now at age sixty

No need to be thrifty.

The kids left long ago

Like an arrow on a bow.


And that is the story that once began

How to go from child to man.

It is now fully done

As husband and wife—remain as one.


Thank you

Michael Koger, Sr.

Copyright 2018.  All rights reserved.

Updated: 12/22/2018, Michael_Koger
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