Metal Gothic Bracelets: Silver, Pewter And Steel Bracelets For Goths

by QuantumLouie

Learn what makes a bracelet "goth" and what you should look for. Get the most amazing accessories to complete your Gothic wardrobe.

Outfits worn by members of the Gothic subculture take many forms. They can range from trashy to downright elegant to vintage looking styles like Romantic and Victorian. Most of these outfits are designed by combining what they find on thrift stores, buy online, or create with their bare hands while some items or even complete combinations are bought from independent fashion designers specializing in the underground scene. For goths fashion has no limits as long as it has a dark aura to it and no, goths do not buy all their clothes in stores like Hot Topic. I personally know many goths and they create their own designs by modifying regular items with spikes, studs, buttons or combining women's and men's items (Androgyny is widely accepted in this subculture.).

Think of Morticia Adams, Lydia from Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands or just an 18th century black funeral dress and you will get an idea of how dark translates into fashion.

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Darkness Has Its Beauty...

Beautiful Art By Victoria Frances
Victoria Frances (Winter Gothic)

Accesories Are Important

No matter where you buy your clothes or how you create your look, accessories are a must and there are many to choose from. Some common accessories used are leather chokers, gloves, pendants, rings, necklaces and of course bracelets that can be made of metal, leather or another type of natural of synthetic leather like fabric. What is really unique about accessories worn by members of this subculture is the imagery and the symbols that are present on the items worn. Many unusual looking accessories can be added to outfits to make them look dark and macabre.

This is a key step if you want to turn an otherwise boring outfit into a masterpiece.

Gothic Bracelets Made Of Metal

Forget Leather Go Metal

One of the beat ways to accessorize a Gothic outfit is to wear bracelets especially if you do not have gloves or just don't feel like wearing them. You can also experiment with wearing them over gloves to pull off interesting combinations.


A nice metal bracelet can make a boring looking outfit spring to life by complementing the look or adding a little bit of contrast. Spikes and studs on leather bracelets are the bread and butter for most goths but, if you want to construct an outfit with a more aristocratic, vintage, classier look or perhaps you simply want to try something different; a metal Gothic bracelet can be the perfect accessory for you. While this subculture prides itself as being open to originality there are some qualities in metal bracelets that most goths use.

Metals Used In Gothic Bracelets

Gold Is For The Living

Most goths avoid gold or golden metals like the plague unless they are experimenting with Steampunk accessories which tend to use brassy and copper toned materials. Silver, pewter, stainless steel, titanium, gun metal and white gold (for those that like more expensive jewelry). are the best metals to wear. Most of these metals do not require special care and are durable enough to be used each day. Silver requires some polishing from time to time and pewter tends to bend under less pressure than other metals but other than that no maintenance is required other than the occasional toothbrush clean.

Common Symbols and Imagery

Religious symbols such as ankhs, crosses, pentagrams, inverted pentagrams, Celtic knots and other religious symbols are fine. If a goth likes a particular symbol he or she may wear it regardless of its meaning. Please note that goth is not a religion, it is a way of life and is not limited only fashion, there are other aspects that are equally important such as music, art and literature. A Goth can be Christian, Buddhist, Pagan or whatever he or she chooses to be. Most goths wear religious symbols all the time, if they follow the religion where the symbol is taken from is a very personal choice. Wear anything that you like and what makes you happy or less unhappy if you are one of those mopey goths.


Other symbols that are commonly used are tombstones, coffins, bones, skeletons, skulls and other symbols that are commonly used as references to death, the afterlife or that are considered spooky by many people. The spooky and dark nature of these symbols is what makes them very attractive to goths, metal fans and many punk rockers. This is a shared trait between these three subcultures.


Real and mythological creatures also have a place within the gothic subculture. It is common for them to wear jewelry with spiders, snakes, bats, dragons, gargoyles, and other creatures. It all boils down to personal taste.


Life's Final Moment Is a Common Theme In Everything Goth

More From Victoria Frances
Victoria Frances La Meurte

Stones, Gems And Crystals

Escape Monochrome!

Stones can add a little splash of color to an otherwise completely black outfit. Stones or crystals with deep colors such as blood red, amethyst purple, emerald green and sapphire blue look perfect on metal bracelets, necklaces and pendants. Stones with pastel colors look too light for a goth outfit but you can wear them if you want as long as you like them.


Please note that gem stones do not need to be genuine. Do not panic if you can't afford a ruby. There are many materials that look like the real thing like colored glass and manufactured stones that are cheap. You don't need to remortgage your home to buy some neat looking accessories to pull off your look.


Final Thoughts

A bracelet is an accessory that can easily become one of your outfit's show pieces. Bracelets that are simple can help complement your style as a secondary item but those that are very elaborate and eye catching can easily become one of your show pieces. Remember to balance show pieces with secondary items to create some balance.

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QuantumLouie on 11/21/2012

@katiem2 These accessories look cool. I love how they look. I have earned a lot of Amazon gift cards from some Android apps that I use and I am planning to buy some nice necklaces from Alchemy Gothic soon. Thanks for always being around. :-)

katiem2 on 11/21/2012

Nice collection of Gothic and or goth accessories. :)K

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