Mindful Meditation: More than Oohs and Aahs

by caitlinmcecil

The benefit to meditation is that anyone can practice it. Good energy spreads, heals, and energizes.

I want to talk a bit about the benefits of mindful meditation. I am coming from the least hippie dippy space I can, when I tell you I work for a massive corporate law firm and not a granola stand on the side of the highway. I think the benefit to meditation is that anyone can practice it. The universe doesn’t care if you are old, young, purple, grey, deaf, silent, rich, or poor. The universe just wants us all to be happy and in tune with each other and the greater good.

Meditation: How to do it

If you feel you are on the edge of losing your shit, I am talking about: if that dude takes one more step towards me I’m gonna throw my lunch at his face rage and you are able to stop, think, count to ten, quiet yourself, and back off, then you are already familiar with this concept.  Think about living in the state of that feeling all the time just by realizing it puts you in a better place.  Instead of literally tossing your cookies at that guy, you were able to take a step back, look at the bigger picture, and realize your bigger potential all in a matter of seconds.  Take this feeling into your daily life.  Find some time to sit alone, in a quiet place, enjoy yourself, your freedom, your ability to have this time to yourself and make this use of it.  If you can make this space as special and comfortable as possible, make it smell clean, feel soft, keep it just for yourself. Turn the lights out, quiet all distractions, sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes.

There are websites, apps, and dvds you can buy to help you get started meditating if you have no idea how to get started.  These can help you with the basic foundation of where to get set up to meditate and how.  Make sure you find the right guide for you, if you don’t believe in it and you aren’t in it 100% it will not do anything beneficial for you.

The benefits of mindful meditation are so vast but I would like to look at a few of them with you.  Firstly, an overall feeling of calm to help you continue your day.  Your meditation break literally breaks up your day and spreads a calm zen feeling over it.  You are able to continue on with a fresh mind, new ideas can sprout, and you can see things from a new lens.  Secondly, meditation helps you listen to your body.  Have you had a constant ear ache, headache, or kink in your neck?  Deep mindful breaths and relaxation can re configure your body to start the healing process.  Since you are sitting in total isolation with only yourself, you can pinpoint what it is on your body that’s bothering you.  Focus your energy on it, see if you can bring some positivity to feeling better.  Lastly, while you are here, keep the positivity up and running, hone it in, and spread it on, you are exuding positivity at this point. You have a giant light up glitter sign the size of Vegas that says I AM AMAZING.  You will feel the signs blinking lights light you up, light others up, light situations up.  This positivity is contagious.  Spread it to others, expand your mind when you meditate, think of all the positive messages you can spread and how you can make yourself better on a daily basis.

Updated: 07/05/2016, caitlinmcecil
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