Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment

by katiem2

The time tested and proven benefits of Moroccan oil for any hair type are amazing delivering on all its promises. This is the best product for beautiful hair.

Moroccan oil hair treatment is among the best oil treatments on the market today for dry hair or any other type for that matter. To get the full benefits of Moroccan oil start with a small amount in the palm of your hand gently run the palms of your hands together to evenly distribute the oil then gently massage it into the ends of your hair paying special attention to the dry troubled areas. This makes your hair soft, shiny, bouncy and more manageable. Plus it smells amazing, we all want great smelling hair right? This only adds to the benefits.

Moroccan Hair Oil Review

My Moroccan hair oil testimony offers my personal experience with this hair oil.

I’ve used Moroccan oil for years. I have overly dry curly hair that is also very. I was amazed the first time I used Moroccan oil. It delivers better results than any product I've ever used and I used a lot. First of all I was really impressed with the amount of the product I had to use. Most products are drawing here don't cover here with the amount the directions suggest. Moroccan oil really does go a long way. I was to leave when my first bottle of oil lasted for months. No product has ever lasted that long plus delivered the same amazing results.

How to Use Moroccan Hair Oil

Moroccan hair oil is so simple and easy to use once you read my users tips.

The oil comes in a pump bottle. Well is the yellowish consistency and it smells amazing. I've tried other products argon oil and none of them smelled good. Moroccan oil is a very pleasant scent. I get comments all the time from people telling me my hair smells amazing. First time use it began with a small amount I suggested per the directions. I apply it find tossing my hair forward as I hang my head down I gently run my hands over my hair. Once I'm done this I scrunched in during winter months I apply an extra dose scrunching it into the ends of my hair.

Moroccan Oil For Curly Hair

Moroccan Oil is amazing for curly hair.

This product is amazing for curly hair. I love wearing my hair natural and curly. Those of you with curly hair like mine you understand how challenging it can be to do so. The biggest concern I run into with my hair is fuzziness  Anytime I use Moroccan oil I can wear my hair naturally curly and feel really good about it. When using Moroccan oil my curls are soft, bouncy, and shiny looking better than ever. Plus my hair feels great. I just don't leave home without it.

Moroccan Oil User Tip

Moroccan oil makes a great daily de-tangler or mist to simply use as a daily styling aid.

Moroccan Oil User Tip

My hair is very dry and curly so I don't wash it daily but when I do I use Moroccan shampoo and conditioner. This product last a very long time because it's one that actually really only takes a small amount. I do mist my hair daily to de-frizz my dry curls and make my hair soft, manageable and have that fresh wash smell. My daughters  one who has fine oily hair and the other with overly dry hair both use my Moroccan Oil Misting Potion. It works great for all hair types. So here's how.

Moraccan Oil Misting Potion

Moraccan Oil Misting Potion Recipe

  • Fill a misting bottle about 3/4 of the way full with purified drinking water, the reverse osmosis type, for example Aquafina, or Dasani.
  • Add ten pumps of Moroccan Oil to a misting bottle, you can use an empty product bottle, simply wash with soap and water and rinse well. The key is to have a good mister bottle.
  • Before each use shake the bottle well to mix the water and oil,do so before each spray. 
  • This gives the hair a moisturizing touch up making it possible to achieve a fresh new style each day. 


Updated: 11/10/2012, katiem2
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Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment Chat

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katiem2 on 06/26/2017

DerdriuMarriner, I have tried a lot of different Moroccan oil brands and types, I have never had as good results with any other brand as I have Moroccan Oil Brand Name products, in fact I am careful to make sure I am buying the trademark brand as so many companies attempt to pirate this product. Ain't nothing like the real thing.

DerdriuMarriner on 06/23/2017

katiem2, Have you tried the Moroccan oil treatment that mixes pomegranate oil in with argan?

katiem2 on 01/07/2013

Angel, I like your hair now, the new pic is awesome. Great to hear from you. :)K

Angel on 01/05/2013

Argon Oil is great for dry hair. I used it every day after bleaching my hair (which I will never do again!!). It does smell good too.

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