Naming Your Homeschool

by Jimmie

Should you name your homeschool? What are the benefits of having a name? If so, how can you choose a good name?

Lots of homeschool families choose to select a name for their school. They find that it identifies them and makes a statement about their values or who they are.
Having a school name does have some conveniences and practical considerations. But you don't absolutely have to have a name for your homeschool. It's is a matter of personal preference.
Consider these aspects of a name for your homeschool before you select one.

Do You Need to Name Your Homeschool?

Homeschool Academy
Homeschool Academy

Does Your Homeschool Already Have a Name?

What are the Advantages of Having a Name for Your Homeschool?

Official Sounding

With a name, your homeschool sounds a little more official. When applying for discounts or group rates, you can offer the name of your homeschool without that awkward hesitation of, "Well, we homeschool."

School Uniforms

With a name, you can create t-shirts or sports shirts to serve as a "school uniform." Those are great for field trip days when you want to look a bit more official. (See the Zazzle examples below. At Zazzle you can customize your own t-shirts with your school name or other graphics.)

Transcripts and Paperwork

Having a school name is beneficial for a graduating senior who needs a transcript. It looks nice to have a name rather than just the generic "homeschool." If you file paperwork with your state or county officials, the school name can be used on those forms. 

Homeschoolers on a Field Trip

Homeschoolers on a Field Trip
Homeschoolers on a Field Trip

How to Pick a Homeschool Name

When naming your homeschool, there are several possibilities.

Your Family Name

Using your last name is a simple solution. If your surname is Johnson, your homeschool can simply be Johnson Academy, Johnson School, or Johnson Homeschool. 

Something You Believe In or Stand For

Choose something symbolic that represents your ideals. Oak trees represent strength and wisdom, so you name your school Oaks School. Or choose an abstract quality that you value such as widsom for the name.

Your Location

Your street name, city, county or even state may provide inspiration for a homeschool name.

A Greek or Latin Term

Add an academic flair to your name by using a Greek or Latin term. Here are some neat words to choose from.

Greek acme  highest peak
Greek eureka I have found!
Greek sofia wisdom
Greek  gnosis knowledge
Latin credo believe
Latin totus whole
Latin spiritus breath
Latin nitor brilliance
Latin copia plenty
Latin cogito I think


Or choose from an entire Latin motto or phrase.

A Famous Work of Literature

Is there a great book that you love? Choose a character or place name from that novel to name your homeschool.

Make a Tshirt for Your Homeschool at Zazzle

Include your Homeschool Name
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