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by Woodcarver

Just an introduction and a hello to all who follow me on Hub Pages as Rolly A. Chabot. I have many sites I write on and often find my days busy like all who write.

I live in Alberta Canada in the shadows of the Great Canadian Rocky Mountains. It is a playground created for the adventurous who love the outdoors. Far to many activities to choose from but sometimes just sitting on a rock by a stream can be just as fulfilling. Nature has so much to offer, the opportunities are abound in this region of Canada and I find myself far to often deep into the hidden secrets she offers to those who venture within.

I have just recently retired from the workforce and now pursue all the passions I have been setting aside over the years. Fly Fishing, Photography, Hiking and climbing, Woodcarving, Painting and Writing. Life is filled with adventure should you choose to seek it out. Loving where I find myself at this time. Young enough at heart to enjoy and yet well aware of the old injuries and pay the price willingly to experience what I have here. I often wonder about those who retire to an armchair and the life they have in doing so. I live relatively near to the Bow River which is classified as one of the top world class rivers for several species of trout. It is well known for its catch and release program. During the summer months I have spent many an hour drifting down her most productive areas and each time I have returned home a grateful man.

I have lived and worked all throughout Canada, mainly in the far Northern regions and throughout the Southern US in the field of Research, Development and Consulting area of the logging industry. My background is varied. Underground Mining, Logging, Oil and gas, Machining, Security Police, Turf Management, Plant Pathology, Golf Course Design and Construction, Horticulture and Arbor Culture, Landscaping and Managing large building facilities and staff.

I have written of my experiences of living in the wilderness of the Yukon in a 7 book series called Quiet Reflections. During this time I was accompanied by a rescue dog named Tannis, a Cree Native name meaning Little Girl. We were a well matched pair as she understood the true meaning of suffering and pain. I was fortunate at the time as I access through a good friend to be able to be dropped into a region of my choice by helicopter to some of the most remote and wild areas. Often hundreds of miles from man and to be able to live off the land and the adventures were incredible to say the least. Often the last sound of man I would hear would be the helicopter leaving and the first at a prescribed time would be its return.

Since the completion of this series I have moved in the fiction genre and love the freedom to be able to create from life experience of my own and the many whom I grew to love and respect I have gained for them.

My 13 books can be found on Amazon at:

As well I have a personal Web Page at:

Please visit and say hello.

Updated: 03/09/2012, Woodcarver
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