Nirmal Baba: Why You Should Not Follow Him

by pranj

Nirmal Baba, the famous spiritual guru, is best known for providing quick-fix solutions to real-life problems. Should you keep faith on him?

The great Indian drama of Nirmal Baba alias Nirmal Jeet Singh Narula is going to end soon. The Indian Media has started to look into his empire.

If you are an Indian then chances are high that you have heard about Nirmal Baba. He is another businessman masquerading as a guru. ‘Business of spirituality’ is one of the most lucrative businesses of India. You may find innumerable gurus in India wasting valuable time of productive men and women.

The modus operandi of Nirmal Baba is quite different. He is doing his business by using or thriving on the insecurity of common man.

Nature promotes symmetry. It doesn’t matter you are working hard or sincere, you are going to face some problems in life. Day can’t last in perpetuity, night has to come. However, your problem should not dictate you to contact any Baba or guru. Remember divine words of Lord Krishna about Karma. Ultimately, it is not Nirmal Baba, but your own Karma which is going to give you result that you deserve. Analyze your mistakes, take a vow to not repeat them, and take a firm step towards life journey.

Nirmal Baba and His Business Tactics:

Nirmal Baba charges Rs. 2,000 for his samagam. It is the place where he came in direct contact with his gullible customers (devotees). It is also called Nirmal Darbar. You may think since Nirmal Baba has to spend money on auditorium and other arrangements for it then this fee should not be objected. Additionally, he has to shell out huge money for TV broadcasting. However, you may be surprised to know that his business doesn’t rest on this Rs. 2,000. Actually, these are just a way to prod people to send donations and daswand to him. He is a sharp minded businessman. He never says that people should come, or send donations to him. He knows that saying it will harm his reputation. He asks people to give at least 10% of income to their God as Daswand. He always says his followers to give more and more money to the religious places. If you are watching his broadcasts on TV then you may see an announcement about Bank Account Number where you are asked to send donations, registration fees, and Daswand.

The tactics is simple. Attract as much people as you can. Ask them to deposit money to any religious institutions. Say anything rubbish to them. At least 10% of them will get success according to the laws of Karma, not because of the words of Nirmal Baba. Since they will feel that the success happened because of Baba so they will send Daswand to him. And, most importantly they will continue to do so.


Nirmal Baba was born in Ludhiana. He was brought up in Daltenganj, Jharkhand. His father was murdered and Inder Singh Namdhari, his brother-in-law, gave him patronage. He attempted many businesses and lost money in everything.

He shifted to Delhi in early 1990. No one knows what happened in Delhi during first 7-8 years. 

Corruption in the Name of Daswand

According to the rituals of Daswand, a devotee making donations MUST ensure that his/her money is not MISUSED. How can you ensure that your money is not misused when you don’t have any information? Nirmal Baba never forgets to tell his followers about the need of sending donations, however he never tries to influence his followers to pay taxes. Daswand is necessary for this Baba, not taxes to the Government. I read somewhere that sometimes around the end of 1990s he was gifted with some sort of divine power. Any sane and slightly literate person can understand the falseness of this theory. We all are gifted with some sort of divine power.

More importantly, Daswand is supposed to be used for the purpose of social or religious development. However, in this case, Nirmal Baba is buying hotels and flats in posh locality of New Delhi using Daswand. 

Entry Pass

More than Rs. 2,000 that you need to deposit to get pass for his samagams, it is the procedure which compels one to think about the veracity of his claims. First you need to deposit money by a bank Challan. Then send a copy of that to the office. You will get an SMS about that. After confirmation you can download the pass from his website. You are required to be with original photo I-Card with the counterfoil copy of bankchallan to get the pass at the venue. In the end, if you have a child more than 2 years old, you are required to deposit the full fee for him/her. Asking for Rs. 2,000 and original photo I-card makes him suspicious.

Updated: 04/22/2012, pranj
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Ismail on 04/22/2012

Nirmal Baba is definitely the worst figure of India. I simply hate him

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