One of His Favorite Rattle and Roll Toys -- Hartz Midnight Crazies

by dlstewart

The cat and I have a variety of games we play with the Hartz Midnight Crazies Cat Toys. Sometimes inexpensive toys are the best. Here are suggestions for active play.

Sometimes it is the inexpensive cat toys that are the favorites. My very active male cat has an abundance of entertainment, but these Hartz Midnight Crazies Cat Toys are a winner. We have a variety of games to play with them, too.

All the cat has to hear is the rattle of the bell inside the ball, and he charges from wherever he has been hiding. I can walk into the house with a bag full of items, and if these Hartz toys are inside, and if they jiggle and jingle, the cat is instantly at my feet demanding to see inside the bag.

Cat Toy Description

The Midnight Crazies Cat Toy is actually plastic wiffle-style balls, each containing a plastic “bell”.  They are mounted on a blistercard and usually sell for around three or four dollars.  The small balls come in an assortment of bright colors.  There are eight balls on the blistercard.

Our Experiences

Between the cat and I, we have great imaginations.  I have never seen a cat so great at entertaining himself.  He will scoot one of these lightweight balls across the floor and hide it under some brown paper packing material I place on the floor to play with.  (He loves anything that crinkles underfoot.)  Not only does he hide the Hartz ball in the paper; he pretends to forget about it and then stalks it.

When cleaning, sometimes I find a ball lodged behind a piece of furniture.  I will toss it across the room or down the hallway, and next thing I know a zooming cat is in hot pursuit.  He will bat these balls around on the carpet, tile, or linoleum covered floors.

Occasionally I will surprise the cat by tossing one of the balls into the dry bath tub (he is not fond of water!).  He will wrestle the ball from one end of the tub to the other.

One piece of pet furniture in the living room is a Cat Tunnel Tower, which includes a scratching post and tunnel with a flat platform on top.  When the cat is elsewhere, I will tuck one of the balls in the tunnel to see how long it takes him to discover it.

I have bought several cards of these cat toys over the years.  I store the cat food and other cat supplies in a special area.  If I accidentally nudge the blistercard containing those jingling cat balls, I soon have a cat at my elbow trying to peer inside the cabinet.

Even though these cat toys are made from plastic, they are durable.  The only time they have destructed is when a human foot accidentally lands atop one.  Then the toy will break under the impact from the shoe.  When that happens, I toss out the toy and replace it with another one.



The Hartz Midnight Crazies Cat Toys are a hit in this household.  They are affordable, and the cat has a great time playing with them.

Enjoy the day,

Copyright 20015 Dawn L. Stewart

Updated: 01/24/2015, dlstewart
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