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by Janet21

Waka Waka Waka! It is time for a birthday party featuring Pac-Man and the ghosts.

I remember my sister and I playing Pac-Man for hours at a time on our Atari game station. Today, video games are much more advanced, however, I still love the 80s games I played during my childhood and Pac-Man is definitely one of them!

While the classic Pac-Man game is still hugely popular, the re-release of newer games is allowing this classic to live on through future generations.

If you or your child are a big fan of the little yellow guy, this page will provide everything you will need to host a Pac-Man birthday party. I have included supplies for both the classic Pac-Man as well as the modern Pac-Man.

This page features personaiized invitations, party favors, decorations, cake & cupcake supplies and more.

Please visit my Retro 80s Party Supplies for more party supplies which you can incorporate into your celebration.

Vintage Pac-Man Party Supplies

Pac Man Partyware

Hard to find party items

Officially licensed Pac Man party supplies are still available for purchase. These party items are vintage and date back to the '80's.   So, if you are looking for a retro look to your celebration, these party supplies would be perfect. The items available include a 52" x 96" tablecloth, lunch napkins and beverage napkins.  You can also purchase a vintage Ms.Pac Mac tablecloth which is really cute.

You can also decorate the party room with a Pac Man poster or wall scroll.

Pac-Man Party Invitations

Personalized Pac Man Party Invitations

Invites feature a retro video game design

There are many Ebay sellers which offer retro style Pac Man invitations.

These party invitations the iconic video game and all of it's classic characters.  You can have these invites customized with all of your child's birthday party information and details.

Easy Pac Man Cupcakes

Fondant ~ Paper Cupcake Toppers ~ Edible Toppers

pacmancupcakesOne way to create cute Pac Man cupcakes is to use regular baking liners such as you see pictured here.   These cupcakes were originally meant to look like hearts, but as you can see clearly look like Pac Man.   Simply fill your liners with cake batter and then gently pinch in the liner to make Pac Man's mouth.  Once the cupcakes are baked and cooled, decorate with yellow frosting.

Another easy way to make Pac Man cupcakes is to top them with fondant.  Purchase yellow fondant and using a cirlce cookie cutter, cut circles out of the fondant.  Then using a sharp knife, cut a small triangle out of one side of the circle to make the mouth.   Make Pac Man's eye with a edible black marker or icing.  Place your fondant Pac Mans on top of your frosted cupcakes. That's it!

If you are looking to save a bit of time, there are Ebay sellers that sell edible cupcake images and premade paper cupcake toppers.   These cupcake decorations would be a fun way to create awesome treats for your celebration.

Photo Credit ~ Kim Woodbridge

Pac Man Cupcakes

Pac Man Cupcakes
Pac Man Cupcakes

Pac-Man Cupcake Toppers

Retro and Classic Edible Cupcake Images ~ Paper Toppers

How To Make a Pacman Cake

pacman cakeA Pac Man inspired birthday cake is very simple to make.  Bake your cake in a round cake pan. Once it cools, using a sharp knife cut out a triangle for the mouth.  Then decorate the cake with yellow frosting and add an eye using black frosting.

The cake pictured here will give you an example of what your cake will look like when finished.

Photo Credit ~ Sarah Marriage

Another Cool Pac Man Cake Idea

pacmancakeI love this Pac Man cake, too.  And like the other cake ideas featured here, it would not be too difficult to make.  Even if you are not an experienced cake decorator, I think you could do this.

Simply bake your cake in a round cake pan and frost it with yellow icing.  Then using black icing pipe an image of Pac Man onto your cake including the eye.

Photo Credit ~ The Pug Father

Pac Man Video Game Cake

Pac Man Cake
Pac Man Cake

Pac Man Cake and Cupcake Supplies

Edible Cake Images ~ Cupcake Rings

There are cake supplies on the market for both the classic Pac Man as well as the modern Pac Man video game.

First of all, you can buy edible cake images.  These cake images come in many designs such as the classic video game screen and the modern Pac Man figure.  Simply bake and frost your cake and then apply the edible cake topper.

There are also cupcake ring toppers for the newest Pac Man video game.   These cupcake rings feature all of your favorite characters from the game and are sold in sets of 12.

Pac-Man Cookie Favors

Cute cookies made using circle and tulip cookie cutters.
Pac-Man and Ghost Cookies
Pac-Man and Ghost Cookies

Tulip Cookie Cutter

This cookie cutter can be used to create Pac Man ghost cookies or fondant embellishments for you cake or cupcakes
R & M Tulip Cookie Cutter - Bloom

Make holiday or everyday cookies extra special when cut into shapes. Decorate with royal icing, coloured sugars, and sprinkles. Or, use to cut out shapes from brownies, bar cook...

View on Amazon

Critter Monsters Cupcake Topper Rings - Set of 12

Cupcake rings are a creative, fun way to personalize your homemade or bakery style desserts. Add these non-edible, plastic rings to any dessert, including cupcakes, cakes, brown...

View on Amazon

Pac Man Party Favors

Chocolates ~ Lollipops

pacman candyChocolate always makes a great party favor!.  You can purchase premade Pac-Man lollipops to hand out as party favors for your celebration.    These lollipops are made from finest Merckens chocolate and come wrapped in a cellophane bag with curling ribbon. 

If you would rather make your own lollipop party favors, there are Pac-Man candy molds you can purchase.  There are two molds to choose; a lollipop mold and a mini chocolate mold.   Please visit my Chocolate Lollipop Favors page for candy making instructions and supplies.

You can also buy custom Pac Man party favors on Ebay.   These custom supplies include Hershey candy bar wrappers, buttons, magnets, bottle cap necklaces, lollipops, candy tubes and chocolates.

 Photo Credit ~ Cory Doctorow

Pac-Man Chocolate Favors

Pac-Man Candy Molds

Pac-Man Party Favors

Custom Party Favors

Party Favor Ideas

There are two fun candy tins that you can include in your birthday party favor bags.  There are Ghost style tins as well as Pac Man style tins.   These cute candy tins contain sour candies and sour power pellets.  You can also purchase Pac Man Energy drinks to include in the favor bags or server during your celebration.

More Fun Party Ideas

The items below are so unique and make an interesting additon to your party.  The first is an ice cube tray.  This tray contains four cavaties; two Pac Man's and two Ghosts.   How cool with the ice cubes look on your party table?  The tray can also be used to mold chocolates.  The next item are Pac Man cookie cutters.  Each set comes with four cookie cutters; a Pac Man and three Ghosts.  You can use this cutter to make cookies for your party favors or to serve during the party.  The cutters can also be used to shape fondant for your birthday cake embellishments.   The last items is Pac Man fabric.  You could use these fabric to create an awesome tablecloth, table runner or table accent for you party.


Retro 1982 Pac Man Cake and Party Photo

Pac Man Party
Pac Man Party

What was your favorite thing about playing classic Pac-Man?

Retro 80s Party Supplies

These supplies would be perfect for your Pac-Man birthday party.
80s Party Supplies
80s Party Supplies
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Janet21 on 06/07/2013

Thanks AnonmalousArtist! :)

AnomalousArtist on 06/05/2013

What great ideas! I was absolutely addicted to Pac-Man and his pals as a kid...I still am! This was a really fun article!

Janet21 on 06/05/2013

Thanks for stopping by Elias!

EliasZanetti on 06/05/2013

Bringing back mamories, indeed! The cakes look fantastic!

Janet21 on 06/04/2013

And the video game cake doesn't look all that hard either...I think I could pull it off!

Thamisgith on 06/04/2013

Love the Pac Man video cake. Really inventive (and fun)!

Janet21 on 06/04/2013

Chocolate ghosts are much better than blue ghosts. :)

kimbesa on 06/04/2013

That cake would be fun to play, then eat it whether the ghosts turn blue or now!

Janet21 on 06/04/2013

Ok I will make the cake, Digby you bring the decorations and Jo can bring all the techy geeky video game stuff.

Digby_Adams on 06/04/2013

Janet seems like she would be the better cook, so I nominate her house.

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