Patriotic Vision

by CherylsArt

What is patriotism? Is vision part of being patriotic? Who is patriotic?

Being patriotic isn't restricted to any certain country. Anyone can be patriotic. Early leaders of the United States had a vision of where they wanted the country to go. That is how the Declaration of Independence came about. The U. S. had a dream of being independent from Great Britain. They had a dream of having freedom of religion, and a government that was for the people and by the people

What is patriotism?

When I first heard of being patriotic, I always associated it with the red, white, and blue of the United States of America flag. That's only because the U. S. is where I grew up, and it is what I learned about. However, when I looked patriotism up in the dictionary, it talked about one who enthusiastically guards their country. So I learned that patriotism and being patriotic can be associated with any country.

What is vision?

The kind of vision that I'm referring to here is in regards to having a mission or purpose; an idea of where you would like to be and why.

When Betsy Ross designed the first flag for the United States, it had thirteen stars and thirteen stripes, both to represent the thirteen colonies; they weren't called states yet. But the other message of this flag, was the vision of being united. The stars and stripes were used to show that each colony had a say; they were all equally important.

The flag of the United States has changed over the years.

Both the stars and stripes numbered thirteen on the early flag. Thirteen colonies grew into 50 states. There are now fifty stars on the flag.

One way to have a new vision is to help envision it.

Many things that have ever been created began first with a desire or thought. Once that thought was fostered and nourished, then the people knew the action to take.

It is important to know where you'd like to go before you can know how to get there.

A New Vision

Can countries be equally important?

Part of any country's history is having some sort of vision. The United States began because people had a vision of not living under the church'es rule. Austrailia founded their sense of patriotism when prisioners where shipped from a far away land, and they decided to make things work.

Sometimes, I think with all the celebrations and memorials of our history, that we can get too caught up in what has been. I think it's time to change our focus a bit, and to think more about where we'd like to go.

With the patriotic flower design that I created, the thought came to me that it's a flower. It's suppose to blossom and grow.

So I would like to think that our country, your country, and any country can blossom and grow. Our countries can have new visions.

I would like to get away from the thought of having to guard or defend, and move more towards thoughts of countries being equally important.

Let's re-envision the Stars and Stripes

To one that fosters blossoming and growing.

I would like it that when we see the stars and stripes, that we see peace.

Let's think Peace when we see the flag of the U. S.

What we focus on expands. Let's focus on our desires.

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Would you like to join me in a new vision for our countries?

Would you like to help envision it?
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I've had another vision, one for the world.

I originally wrote this poem either in 2005 or before.

2005 is the date of the acknowledgement I received from a poetry place that I had submitted it to. I had forgotten about it, and came across it when I was doing some cleaning. I did a couple of updates to it to better reflect my new knowledge and awareness. Here it is:


I see a World


I see a world where all people are healthy.

I see a world where smiles are abundant.

I see a world where greetings are spontaneous.

I see a world where everyone is a friend.

I see a world where everyone contributes with love.

I see a world where everyone receives with joy.

I see a world where there is plenty for everyone.

I see a world where everyone enjoys the gift of life.

I see a world where everyone is pleasant and calm.

I see a world where all heavenly passings are joyful.

I see a world where all are secure in the love of God.


copyright Cheryl Paton

I hope you enjoyed the poem, and that you are blessed by it.

If you'd like to be able to view it and read it daily, you can get a copy on a poster at PositiveAffirmaiton on

Thank you for visiting...

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Updated: 06/23/2013, CherylsArt
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CherylsArt on 05/17/2013

Cmoneyspinner, I hear you. Yes it's DOABLE. We can have a peaceful world.

cmoneyspinner on 05/17/2013

Ooops! Sorry. I live in the USA but my heart goes back and forth between the United States and The Bahamas. I think they deserve equal parts of my affection, since my roots are in that lovely country of 700 islands. My vision is plain: NO MORE WAR AND CRIME AND HATRED! I'm serious. I think it's doable.

cmoneyspinner on 05/17/2013

Love the "Guided Imagery" on this article. You had me hooked at the thumbnail. :)

CherylsArt on 06/17/2011

Thanks Pukeko. With so many more people moving to different parts of the world, we're bound to all get along some day. : )

Guest on 06/17/2011

I love your stars and stripes flower. Great page, really interesting and thought provoking. Sorry, I was too tired to come up with a vision for your duel. To answer your question, I am an American expat living in New Zealand.

CherylsArt on 05/28/2011

Marelisa, that is a lovely poem. It's the first time I've heard it. Yes, it sounds very similar to what I'm saying. Thanks for sharing it.

Dianne on 05/26/2011

I love your patriotic flower design. Yes, I do believe a new or renewed vision is needed in the US.

ronpass on 05/26/2011

Cheryl, great ideas and vision. I live in Australia and we constantly celebrate the past and our leaders seem devoid of any vision for the future - they are so obsessed with retaining their position and gaining votes. So most of what happens is reactive - responding to the media or lobby groups. I would have to think deeper about a vision for Australia, so I will give this some thought.

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