Paula Atwell: Artist, Writer, and Owner of Cleveland Gallery, Lake Erie Artists Gallery

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A bit of background about me, Paula Atwell, and what my passions are.

I came to my current profession in a sort of backwards way. I started my career like many of us, going to college, with a degree in English and a minor in accounting when I finished my degree. However, unlike many, I started my college career after high school, but never completed it until I was married, and had my first daughter, at the age of 30.

Morning by Paula Atwell

Watercolor painting
Morning by Paula Atwell
Morning by Paula Atwell

A Glimpse into the Life of Paula Atwell

I have never been able to do things in the regular order, so it is not surprising that after years of working traditional jobs, I realized that at heart I was an artist, and my life started over at age 35.  My passion for jewelry making started developing at that point in my life, and from there, I have become an expert jewelry artist, a watercolor painter, and a business owner, owner of a delightful small local Cleveland, OH gallery, Lake Erie Artists Gallery.

Searching for Income to Support My Gallery Brought Me to Writing Online

I have owned Lake Erie Artists Gallery by myself for over 3 years now, and it was because I was searching for a way to stabilize the income of the gallery that I began writing online.  I started on Squidoo, and since June 2008, have since written on several other websites, including several of my own sites.

Writing online reintroduced me to my love of writing.  I had forgotten about how much I loved to write over the years, just like I had left my artist side behind.  For the last 3 years, I have learned a lot about writing online, which I now teach to others, while I continue to learn more myself everyday.

I Believe That the Future of All Business is on the Internet

The internet is going to continue to grow, as people become more and more adept to communicating via smarter, and better telecommunication devices.  We are only seeing the beginning of this now.

While my business thrives on personal interaction with customers who walk in the door and shop, the real value of the website and communicating online is the ability to find customers the world over, and to save people the time of coming to my door and searching.  When they come in, they are ready to buy, or narrow down their final decision regarding what they want to buy.

The More We Learn How to Take Advantage of What the Internet Has to Offer

the more we will succeed offline as well.

I think of each article I write, and each item I put online as a pathway to my door, whether it is to my website or to my brick and mortar door.  Each interaction is an opportunity for future growth that will lead back full circle to me.  If I help someone, then eventually that help will come back around to me in some way, shape or form.

I have been priviledged to meet some extraordinary people online through my writing, and am proud to call them both partners and friends, and look forward to meeting and collaborating with many more.

My Interests Encompass a Wide Area

I have many interests, but my specialities are art, jewelry making, making a living as an artist, and affiliate marketing.  I am in the retail art business, so I am well versed in just about anything retail, and have recently developed a hobby of collecting antique and vintage items. On any given day, you will find me in my gallery, making jewelry, writing online, or selling art to customers while having a cup of coffee close at hand.

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paperfacets on 07/12/2013

Paula, If I should ever get to Cleveland way and will surely stop in the Artist Gallery.

lakeerieartists on 06/19/2013

Always reinventing.

kimbesa on 06/15/2013

Happy to meet you here! It is inspiring to hear that you reinvented yourself in "later" years! And I agree, too, that the future is online.

katiem2 on 02/19/2012

I must say, I agree with you things are moving in the continued direction of web users who are becoming more and more dependent of this as a means to and end. It is our kids who will be the first generation to be completely submerged in the internet, no looking back from this point. I love art and adore AllPosters as it is a wonderful collection of art. You're on to something. Keep those wheels a turning and moving toward consumer demands.

Sylvestermouse on 05/29/2011

Seems like every time I read an article written by you, I learn something new :) This time, I feel like I learned more about you. I think it is awesome that you reinvented yourself at 35. I understand completely!

Susan52 on 05/28/2011

You're a busy lady, Paula! Thanks for sharing about your life. I love what you said about the future of all business being online. It's hard to imagine just where we'll be five years from now, but I'm glad I'm on the right road, headed in the right direction!

WordCustard on 05/27/2011

Paula, thanks for sharing that you only followed your calling as an artist after you had turned 35, yet another reason to be inspired by you! Your online and offline success set a wonderful example and show what can be achieved with a combination of passion, attitude and good honest hard work!

GrandmaMarilyn on 05/26/2011

Love your article, Paula. You have a lot on your plate also. I learned a lot about you in this article. I appreciate the information that I learn from you.

lakeerieartists on 05/25/2011

Mandee, I can only say the same for you. Welcome to Wizzley. :)

mandeesears on 05/25/2011

So pleased to have met you. You are a fabulous mentor and friend. Glad to know I'm not the only one that does things "out of order". lol

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