Buying or Making Pom Poms For Hand Knit Hats

by dustytoes

Sometimes our knitted hat project needs that something extra, like a cute furry pom pom on top.

Once I got the hang of knitting in the round, I was a hat knitting fool. I could do this! As is true with most things in life, if we succeed at a new venture we want more.

Hat knitting is really quite easy. The casting on and use of double-pointed needles can be slow going, but all the knitting in-between can be quick and simple.

Once the hat is complete and can be worn, you may think a cute pom pom would add a lot. Pom poms can be made of yarn to match the hat, or fur pom poms can be attached.

Types of Pom Poms

There are two basic types of pompoms used to decorate hats, scarves or other knitted objects.  One is made of yarn to match the item created.  The other is the popular fur (faux fur) pom pom.

Tassels can also be added to hats, but that is another subject!

The yarn pom pom is easy to make yourself.  I've added links to a popular pompom maker further down the page.  But many people make yarn pompoms using cardboard or other homemade devices to wrap the yarn, which is fine too.

I do not know how to create faux fur pom poms, so I've found some places online to purchase them.

They all come in a variety of sizes, and the fur pom poms are attached in various ways.  Find the ones that will work for your project.

Size of each fur pompom

Each one has a little elastic loop
Holding one pompom in my hand
Holding one pompom in my hand

These faux fur pompoms have little elastic loops for attaching.

Furling DIY 12pcs Faux Fox Fur Fluffy Pompom Ball for Knitting Hat ...

Pompoms have various methods for attaching to items.

The type of pompom I bought has a small, elastic loop.  This can be pulled through the top of a hat and attached around a button to secure it.  The hat can then be washed with the button removed.  However, these pompoms say to "hand wash", so the entire hat with the pompom can be hand washed.  

Any hand knit item should be washed with care, and these pom poms need the same care.  It may not be necessary to remove the pom pom for washing.  I would do so if it's possible.

A loop allows the pom pom to be removed for washing

Elastic loop for attaching
Elastic loop for attaching

Pom poms with loops can be attached to a small button

Pull the loop through and attach to a button sewn inside the hat.
Pull the loop through and attach to a...

Gansey Watch Cap With Faux Fur Pompom

The pattern does not call for a pom pom, but I thought I would add one.
My finished hat
My finished hat

Check out Etsy For Unique and Colorful Fur Pom Poms

One place I have found which offers unique and colorful pompoms is Thread Head Knits at Etsy.  I have not purchased from this store - yet.  I have had excellent service from Etsy shops, so I will buy some in the future when needed.

 Their colorful assortment of furry hat toppers include dark red, orange, hot pink, purple, bright yellow (dandelion) and aqua blue, to name a few.  

They also have natural looking fur in "silver fox", "timber wolf" and "polar bear" which are beautiful.

For something different, check out their multi-colored and neon pompoms.

Make Your Own Yarn Pom Poms

Pompoms don't have to be made of fur.  Use leftover yarn and make your own pompom.  This is the cheapest way to finish off the hat, or other knitted project.

The Clover pom pom makers are what I have, so I can vouch for them.

They are easy to use once you know how.  Basically wrap, cut, tie and open to reveal your pom pom. Remember to leave tails to tie if that is what you will need.

Watch the "how to" video below to give you an idea of how simple it is to make a beautiful yarn pom pom.


Yarn Pom Poms Can Be in Any Color You Like

Pom poms on the end of scarves
Pom poms on the end of scarves
Photo credit: Pixabay

Pom Pom Makers

These will help you make full, round and pretty pompoms.
Clover 3126 Large Pom Pom MakerClover super pom maker 58-791 (japan ...

How to Use the Clover Pom Pom Maker

Create perfect pompoms in varying sizes using this clever tool.
Updated: 08/21/2018, dustytoes
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Tolovaj on 08/30/2018

I love the idea of using leftovers. If we make something useful or decorative or both, even better! On average we produce too much waste for this planet. Thank you for your inspiration.

dustytoes on 08/26/2018

Yup, another good use of leftover yarn!

Veronica on 08/26/2018

You have developed so well and so quickly with your new interest and you are amazing. I of course as stated use my odds and ends for the Alzheimer's twiddle mitts for Alzheimer's patients in the local care homes.

dustytoes on 08/25/2018

I also love to minimize waste and it's fun to knit up something with leftover yarn. These projects can end up so pretty and unique, but with lots of "tails" to weave in at the end! I'm only beginning to knit a lot of items that may need a pom pom, but I think I would do contrast and harmony - which ever I feel looks best at the time. I prefer to not always follow patterns and use my own ideas as much as possible.

DerdriuMarriner on 08/25/2018

dustytoes, Thank you for the practical information and the product line. In particular, ways that favor recycling and that minimize waste get my attention. So it's a wonderfully sustainable idea to apply leftover yarns to pompoms. What motivates you in choosing pompom colors: contrast or harmony?
Your finished pompom hat and scarf would look especially fetching on someone with blonde, platinum or white hair and/or green eyes!

dustytoes on 08/21/2018

Thank you blackspaniel, I agree that it is easy enough to add a pompom which will enhance the look of some types of hats.
Veronica, Thanks for the tassel description, it is perfect! I have made a tassel similar to what you describe. My grandmother used to add them to the long stocking caps she used to make for us kids.

blackspanielgallery on 08/21/2018

It seems a simple enhancement and should be easy enough to do. Nice idea.

Veronica on 08/21/2018

Delightful ! :)

My favourite topper is even easier ; it is like tassels.
Get lots of pieces of wool about 12 inches long.
Fold them in half to about 6 inches. Tie a piece of wool around the 6 inch mark and leave a long thread of wool hanging.
Tie another piece of wool securely about an inch down from the tied 6 inch mark so they are all tied together.
Get the long thread left from the six inch mark tie and sew into the hat securely to attach it down the seam if there is one . so it doesn't pull off.

A tassled hat ….. lovely. I make them for my grandchildren and I hope I have explained it properly.

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