Popular Baby Names For 2012

by Pinkchic18

Each year, there is a trend in adorable new baby names. But when it comes to 2012, what do we have in store?

When parents are expecting, there is great excitement and anticipation. Everyone wants to know if the baby is a boy or a girl; when the due date is; and, most important, what his or her name will be. This is one of the most common questions a pregnant couple encounters.

Oh, What's in a Name?

Some parents announce the name; others wait until they are asked about baby gifts (or even the birth) to share.  But all of them spend time thinking about it; changing their minds; thinking some more; and finally choosing a name they love. 

Sometimes, when you are looking at the most popular baby names, they can inspire you.  What are people naming their babies in 2012?

Blue Ivy, Maxwell Lue, Micah Emmanuel…these are some of the names that celebrities have chosen in 2012, but what are “normal” people naming their children?

How did you choose your child's name(s)?

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Top 20 Baby Girl Names of 2012

  1. Olivia.
  2. Sophia.
  3. Emma.
  4. Isabella.
  5. Ava.
  6. Chloe.
  7. Mia.
  8. Madison.
  9. Abigail.
  10. Lily.
  11. Emily.
  12. Charlotte.
  13. Ella.
  14. Harper.
  15. Avery.
  16. Amelia.
  17. Hannah.
  18. Layla.
  19. Sofia.
  20. Sophie.

Top 20 Baby Boy Names of 2012

  1. Liam.
  2. Mason.
  3. Ethan.
  4. Noah.
  5. Jacob.
  6. Aiden.
  7. Jayden.
  8. Lucas.
  9. Jack.
  10. Jackson.
  11. Logan.
  12. Benjamin.
  13. Matthew.
  14. Andrew.
  15. Joshua.
  16. Elijah.
  17. Carter.
  18. William.
  19. Caleb.
  20. Owen.
Boys will be boys!
Boys will be boys!

Top 20 Baby Boy or Girl Names of 2012

  1. Harper.
  2. Quinn.
  3. Rowan.
  4. Avery.
  5. Sawyer.
  6. Rory.
  7. Riley.
  8. Emerson.
  9. Finley.
  10. Dylan.
  11. Luca.
  12. Micah.
  13. Sasha.
  14. Emery.
  15. Nico.
  16. Peyton.
  17. Remy.
  18. Blake.
  19. Aubrey.
  20. Sage.

Choosing a Popular Name

While many parents look at these lists for help in deciding on a baby name, many others look at it for names to avoid.  According to a 2011 study, 8 percent of parents regret the name they chose for their baby.  Why?  More than half of these parents chose a name that was “fashionable” at the time, while 32 percent said they regretted their choice because it was now a “common” name. 

Then again, when you go on vacation or want to purchase your child a special gift like a kids name sign, will they have your child's name available? There are pros and cons to choosing a popular name.

Naming your little one is an important choice!
Naming your little one is an important choice!

Think Back To Your Youth

When you were in grade school, you probably had a lot of Jennifers, Jessicas, Amandas, and Ashleys or Michaels, Christophers, Davids, and Matthews.  In a few years, your child may be in a classroom with a bunch of Charlottes, Isabellas, Sophias, Liams, Masons, and Quinns.  Parents want their children’s names to be unique and not a trend that got tired before their child was two.  While names are trendy today, there is often a backlash against those same names: to wit, Britney and Michaela.

The following is a list compiled by Time of the most disliked baby names (given for 2011).

Most Disliked Names For Girls

In 2011
  • Nevaeh. (Heaven backwards)
  • Destiny.
  • Madison.
  • Mackenzie.
  • McKenna.

You will notice that Madison has the honor of being on the most popular and most unpopular names lists!  This is a name that will see backlash in the coming years as parents start to see it as too trendy and too common.

Most Disliked Names For Boys

For 2011
  • Jayden.
  • Brayden.
  • Aiden.
  • Kaden.
  • Hunter.

Again, Jayden and Aiden make both lists.  What’s a parent to do?

How to Choose a Baby Name

Choosing your child’s name is a very personal, emotional experience.  Here are some tips for making sure you are not in the 8 percent that regrets their choice:

  • Listen to yourself and your partner.  It is common for excited grandparents to exert a little too much pressure (or guilt) onto parents when it comes to names.  You can be open to suggestions, or just smile politely and ignore them, but don’t let someone else sway you. You have to do what’s best for your baby: naming her Nevaeh may not be it!
  • Say it to yourself.  Whisper or say the name aloud. See how it sounds; see how comfortable you are saying it.  Imagine being on a playground and calling to your child: Do you want to yell out, “Destiny McKenna, time to go!”  If so, that’s fine. Go with it, if that is a choice you will love forever.
  • Make the name meaningful. Perhaps you shouldn’t name your daughter or son after a Twilight character.  What about naming her/him in honor of a beloved relative? Or after a favorite literary character or author.

The best advice is to enjoy the entire process.  Look through names, say them, spell them out; you will find that you fall in love with a few.  If you still love them when your baby is in your arms, you might just have a winner.

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Rose on 03/04/2014

Girls names ending with an "a" seem to be very popular right now.

Tolovaj on 05/21/2012

Choosing a baby name is important task. After all one's name is (for him or her) most powerful word in the world.

I was never into fashion things and really can't understand how can parents in our country so often decide to pick strange foreign names without any background in our culture.

On the other hand I have to agree we all want to give our babies unique names because we want them to be unique...

Although I am more for classic names, I can't give ultimate advice to me or anybody else. Fortunately names can be changed later...

Thanks for interesting article:)

janices7 on 04/25/2012

Fun topic! I don't really like names that can be used for both a boy or a girl. In other words, I prefer gender specific names. Guess I'm old-fashioned :)

katiem2 on 04/22/2012

It is such an important decision, names make such a long and lasting impression on both those we meet and deal with in life and how we perceive ourselves. Great Wiz!

dustytoes on 04/19/2012

It's not good when the teacher has to use last name initials to differentiate between all the kids in class who have the same names and that's what happens when people go with the most liked names at the time. I say be original. Eventually your kids will be grateful.

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