Prevent Constipation by Feeding Organic Peas to Goldfish

by That_FishLady

Without enough vegetable roughage in their diet, goldfish easily become constipated. Organic peas are a great way to prevent goldfish from having swim bladder problems.

Constipation affects many goldfish, and unfortunately it has the possibility to result in fatal consequences. The key to avoiding a constipated goldfish is to make sure he is receiving a varied, fiber-rich diet.

Signs of a Constipated Goldfish

1. Irregular swimming patterns.

This includes floating upside down, occasionally flipping to one side while swimming, and the inability to right itself after flipping over.

2. Clear or no feces at all.

Healthy goldfish poop should be a solid, brown tube that does not include any bubbles or strings. If your goldfish is only excreting a clear tube, or nothing at all, he may be constipated.

3. Lethargy and listlessness.

While clamped fins, dull coloration and a lack of interest in swimming can indicate many other problems, it can also be a good indication of goldfish constipation if your fish is already showing either of the above signs.

4. Disinterest in food.

A healthy goldfish will ALWAYS act hungry -- even if you just fed him five minutes ago.

Organic Peas Can Help Goldfish Constipation

Here are a few things you can try if your goldfish is already suffering from constipation.

1. Make your goldfish fast for a few days.

One of the first steps you can take if you suspect your goldfish is constipated is to stop offering him food for several days -- three is generally a good number. Sometimes this is all it takes to get things regular again.

2. Ditch the goldfish flakes and start offering veggies.

After you have allowed the goldfish to have a break from food for a few days, slowly start introducing vegetables into his diet. Organic peas work very well for this! Just remember to take the skin off of them -- sometimes you have to crush them as well. I prefer to take the shelled peas and place them in a cup containing some of my aquarium water. Then I just dump them into the tank so that they are completely submerged -- I don't want to further complicate the situation by having my constipated goldfish sucking in large amounts of air.

If you would rather not use whole organic peas, you can also use baby food that does not contain any other ingredients aside from the peas -- just place it on a spoon and hold it in front of your goldfish.

3. Continue doing large, frequent water changes.

Your goal is to keep the water as clean as possible so that you won't stress your goldfish any more than he already is. You don't have to worry about hurting your fish by doing this -- frequent, large water changes are actually very beneficial to your goldfish contrary to popular pet store advice.

Prevent Goldfish Constipation with a Healthy Diet

The best way to avoid Fish Problems with your goldie to make sure you are feeding a well-balanced diet -- the standard goldfish flakes will not suffice. Make sure you are mixing fresh vegetables, like organic peas, with other nutritious foods, including blood worms, brine shrimp, and a quality flake or pellet food. 

Updated: 06/02/2011, That_FishLady
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brettb on 03/13/2012

I heard fish eat things like peas, cucumber and even garlic, but mine don't want rubbish like that, bloodworms are much more popular, even though a high red meat diet can't be good for them.

Ladymermaid on 06/10/2011

Even fish suffer from our modern diet huh? Who could have known...

That_FishLady on 06/02/2011

It's actually surprisingly common! Poor genetics and a diet of solely goldfish flakes has a pretty big part in it...:)

theraggededge on 06/02/2011

Who'd have thunk! I never knew that constipation affected goldfish.

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