Prevent Wrinkles, Fine Lines and Skin Aging

by K_Parks

Aging is unavoidable but keeping your skin looking young and healthy is pretty simple. Find out what it takes to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and older looking skin.

Aging is a natural process and there is no cure or treatment that can prevent aging 100%. However, there are several things you can do in your day-to-day life to slow down the aging process and the appearance of aged skin. These techniques and remedies are not a cure but they can prevent the skin from aging at an advanced or rapid pace leaving behind a beautiful young looking complexion free of annoying fine lines, skin wrinkles and sagging that we women often experience way too early in life.

Moisturize to Prevent and Reduce Wrinkles, Fine Lines and Skin Aging

A good skin care moisturizer, used daily, can work wonders to keep your skin younger and healthier looking. By moisturizing you're helping to keep your skin hydrated which will help it to maintain its elasticity and youthful appearance

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Protect Your Skin from the Sun to Prevent Skin Aging

The sun does not need to be blaring down to have a negative impact on your skin's health. This is a misconception that many people have they believe that the sun is not out and obviously shining that they are somehow protected from harmful UV rays (UVA and UVB). This is simply not true. Even on overcast, snowy or rainy days your skin is still exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays. Ironically enough with the reflective nature of rain and snow your skin can be at an even greater risk.

Nowadays cosmetic and skincare companies are adding SPF (sun screen) to normal everyday moisturizers. If you are already in a healthy habit of moisturizing daily make sure your moisturizing cream or lotion contains SPF 15 or greater. If you don't moisturize daily now's the time to start if you truly want to prevent wrinkles, fine lines, discoloration and other skin issues that come with aging or neglect.

Other ways to protect your skin from the sun is to wear protective clothing and accessories. Hats and sunglasses that shield and protect you from the suns damaging rays. Longsleeve and high neck clothing can also be worn to protect other areas of your body.

Eliminate Unhealthy Habits

Smoking and alcohol can not only affect your health negatively it can also have a great impact on your skins health and appearance. Smoking and drinking are not the only habits that can take a toll on your skin - when in doubt just remember that which will benefit your health will also likely benefit your skin. It is this concept that comes into play with diet as well. Healthy foods like fruits and vegetables will often have positive impacts and benefits to your skins health and appearance by way of the nutrients and vitamins as well as the hydration factor.

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Exfoliate: Out with the Old, in with the New

Exfoliating once to twice a week is another secret of the anti-aging process. In our day-to-day lives our skin comes in contact with dirt, debris (dead skin cells...) oils, chemicals, pollutants, bacteria as well as many other irritants. To help remove the build up we exfoliate. This helps to remove dry skin, dirt, oil buildup and other debris that can exacerbate fine lines and wrinkles, cause acne and other skin blemishes and leave your skin looking dull, older and unhealthy. When these undesirables are removed what is exposed is a new, fresh and younger looking layer of skin. The debris that builds upon your skin can also cause skin care products to be less effective as they can often block direct access to the healthy, absorbent layer of skin.

Updated: 03/31/2012, K_Parks
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