Unique Puzzleballs

by Janet21

Puzzleballs are an interesting twist on the classic puzzle. These 3-D puzzles are available in many different designs and are fun for all ages.

The first time I ever came across a puzzleball was when I purchased a Club Penguin puzzleball for my daughter last Christmas. We had never seen a puzzle such as this before and both my daughter and I thought it was the coolest toy.

My daughter had so much fun assembling it and now she proudly displays her completed puzzleball on her bookshelf with all of her other Club Penguin toy figures. You can see her puzzleball pictured here.

The Club Penguin puzzleball I purchased was manufactured by a company called Esphera. The puzzleballs you will see featured on this page are made by Esphera and Ravensburger. Both companies are well-known for their high quality puzzles and workmanship so I am confident that you will be more than pleased with your purchase.

These puzzleballs come in many fun designs including cartoon characters, popular movies, television shows and more. You are sure to find the perfect puzzle for yourself or for someone on your gift-giving list.

Club Penguin Birthday Party Ideas and Supplies.

My Daughter's Completed Puzzleball

Club Penguin Puzzleball
Club Penguin Puzzleball

Club Penguin Puzzleball

This is the puzzleball my daughter received for Christmas.

This 60 piece puzzleball features images of Club Penguin igloos, penguins and more.


About Ravensburger Puzzleballs

Find out more about these unique puzzles!
  • Puzzleballs are available in many difficulty levels.  
  • You can purchase a puzzleball for children from age 4 up to age 15.
  • Puzzleballs are made from curved, sturdy plastic pieces.
  • Puzzle pieces allow for an exact fit and form a solid, smooth ball  with no glue required.
  • Puzzleballs come with 24, 96, 108. 240 or 540 puzzle pieces.
  • Each puzzleball comes with a plastic stand to display your completed masterpiece for years to come.
  • There are also puzzleball ornaments, heart shaped puzzleballs and mobiles available.
  • There are puzzleballs available for many popular characters, movies & television shows, animals, Disney, educational, globes and more.

Twilight ~ Doctor Who Puzzleballs

Create the characters from Twilight or several of Doctor Who's deadliest adversaries

The Twilight puzzleballs are available for two of the Twilight Sagas; New Moon & Eclipse.   New Moon comes with a 240 piece puzzleball as well as three 60 piece puzzles.  The 240 piece Eclipse puzzleball features Bella, Edward and Jacob.  The 108 piece Dr. Who puzzleball includes images of The Daleks, The Silurians, Vampires, Cybermen and The Weeping Angels.   

Popular Movie and Television Puzzleballs

Twilight Saga ~ Dr. Who
The Twilight Saga: New Moon - 240 Pie...
Only $52.99
Ravensburger Doctor Who 108 Piece Puz...
Only $102.0

Colorful and Fun Character Puzzleballs

Hello Kitty ~ The Simpsons ~ Spongebob

Go under the sea with Spongebob, get crazy with the cast of the Simpsons or find some peace & love with your favorite Kitty!  All of these puzzleballs are 240 pieces and are sure to please any fan of these popular and lovable characters and television shows.

Popular Character Puzzleballs

Hello Kitty ~ Spongebob Squarepants ~ The Simpsons
Hello Kitty: Peace and Love - 240 Pie...
Ravensburger The Simpsons - 240 Piece...
Only $107.76
SpongeBob Squarepants puzzleball 240 ...
Only $91.55

Pink and Girly Puzzleballs

Unicorns ~ Princesses ~ Kittens

What little girl does not love princesses, fairytale unicorns and sweet kittens?   These puzzleballs range from 96 to 240 pieces.  After the puzzleball is completed, children will have a wonderful decorative item to add to their bedroom decor.

Puzzleballs for Little Girls

Princess ~ Unicorns ~ Kittens
Ravensburger Unicorns 108 Piece Child...
Only $34.95
Ravensburger Kitty Entertainment - 24...
Only $44.95
Pretty Princess
$22.95  $9.0

For the Boys

Dinosaurs ~ Marvel Comics ~ Disney Cars

Boys love dinosaurs, superheros and cars!   These puzzleballs would make a terrific gift for any boy on your gift-giving list.   Puzzleballs are 54, 108 and 240 pieces and feature a roaring dinosaur, the cast from Disney Cars 2 and Marvel Comic superheros including the Incredible Hulk, Spiderman, Ironman and Captain America.

Educational Puzzleballs

Earth Globes
Ravensburger The Earth - 540 Piece puzzleball

Learn and Play Together

With these great globe puzzleballs

These globe puzzles would make a fun and educational toy for your child.    They can learn geography as they play! 

There are many globe puzzleballs available on the market in many levels of difficulty.  There is even a purple fairies globe puzzle for little girls.   This pretty globe puzzle is embellished with sparkling glitter.

Great Puzzleballs from Esphera

Disney and Strawberry Shortcake

There is also a  nice selection of puzzleballs offered by Esphera.   The puzzles I am featuring below include Strawberry Shortcake, Classic Disney and Toy Story.   All of these globe puzzles contain 60 pieces and are for children ages 6+.

Esphera Puzzleballs

Strawberry Shortcake ~ Toy Story ~ Classic Disney
6" Esphera Toy Story 3
Mega Brands
Only $23.99
Esphera 360 Degree Spherical 3-D Stra...
Only $25.00
Mega Brands Disney Classic Character ...
Only $40.0

More Puzzleballs

puzzleballsI have only featured some of the many puzzleballs available. 

Some of the other puzzles you can purchase include Snoopy, Peanuts, baseball, basketball, On the Farm, numbers, Noah's Ark, Illusions, Stained Glass, New York City, Underwater World, Magical Night, Silent Harmony, Penguins, Horses, Fairies, Gothic and more.

Children will love assembling these unique puzzleballs.  Not only are they fun, but they will help to improve your child's fine motor skills and cognitive thinking.

And these puzzleballs are not just for children.  Adults will love them, too!

Why Should Your Child Do Puzzles?

Hand-Eye Coordination ~ Problem Solving ~ Memory Skills

Hand-Eye Coordination:
Puzzles aid in a child's hand eye coordination.  It is difficult for young children to pick up, move and place puzzle pieces.  However, the more they do puzzles the stronger their hand-eye coordination will get until it is fully functioning.

Problem-Solving Skills:
Puzzles teach children how to work through difficulties without getting frustrated.   The more puzzles children do the better they will become at handling the difficulties.  This is such an important life leason.

Memory Skills:
Puzzles are a proven method of stimulating a child’s memory. 


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wrapitup4me on 01/20/2013

I love puzzles, but 3D ones look too complicated for me. Like ThePartyAnimal, I agree kids can probably handle it better thn I can.

ThePartyAnimal on 01/04/2012

While I love a good puzzle these look like too much work for me, but I bet the kids LOVE them. Who would have though you can make a round puzzle - the things they come out with blow my mind.

Marie on 12/19/2011

Never seen these - they look really fun. My daughter would sure love the Hello Kitty puzzleball!

Janet21 on 12/18/2011

Thanks Christene. We just have the one Club Penguin one, but I am thinking of getting more. :)

Christene on 12/18/2011

My daughter had one in her 1st grade classroom. That was the first time I've seen them. We don't own any yet though.

Nice page Janet. :)

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