Rachel Grant: Social Entrepreneur

by NateB11

Rachel Grant is British royalty, Bond Girl, martial artist and philanthropist. Who is this incredible beauty and what does she do? Find out.

Rachel Grant is famous for being an enticing and provocative Bond Girl. But she is much more than that. She has not been satisfied with just being famous on the Big Screen. She travels the world doing work for one good cause after another and devotes her time and resources into social endeavors to make the world a better place. Let's find out more about this exquisite and conscientious beauty.

Rachel Grant

Righteous Royalty

One of Rachel's ancestors was dubbed royalty by King Louis XIV of France for his exploration of Louisiana in North America, areas owned by France until the United States acquired them through the Louisiana Purchase. She is officially royalty through her grandfather, 11th Baron Raymond de Longueuil, who was second cousin to Queen Elizabeth II, while her great grandmother, Ernestine Bowes-Lyon, was first cousin to the Queen Mother. Rachel is cousin to British Royalty.

But she's much more than that, even. This fascinating and exotic beauty is originally from the Philippines and is an exquisite mixture of French, Spanish, Filipina and British. Is it any wonder she was destined to be an International traveler and entrepreneur?

It seems to be in her blood. This cosmopolitan wonder seems to appeal to everyone, from James Bond fans, to martial arts enthusiasts and even heads of state.

Let's find out more.

Entertainment and Celebrity

Grant has become famous as one of the dangerous Bond Girls in Die Another Day. She has moved on to other endeavors too, in the entertainment industry.

She has explored television as a host on a travel show and an expert on Shop NBC. In addition, proving she has smarts along with beauty, she is a contributing editor for Travelife magazine.

And, of course, her beauty is well-known, having been the winner of Miss Hawaiian Tropic. She's got it all.

She's not only attractive but she's funny. As evidenced by the video below.

Inventive and Adventurous

She's witty, smart and entertaining. What else could there be?

Try inventing her own 4-wheel luggage that folds flat for easy storage. Yes, she invented that.

To top it off, she helped discover Angel Cave in the Philippines and has explored volcanoes, made friends with tribal people in Equador and has journeyed through the Amazon rainforest. She's fearless, adventurous and inventive.

Rachel: Adventurous Beauty
Rachel: Adventurous Beauty

Martial Artist

If the guys' hearts are not already beating fast, let's just add martial arts to her list of activities to make her even that much more appealing. She's trained in the Filipino art of Kali under legendary martial artist Dan Inosanto (famous student of Bruce Lee). And she's good.

She also does her own stunts in movies. She was a body double for Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider.

Couldn't ask for more.

Writer and Humanitarian

Rachel Grant wrote a book, called Making a Difference, about her humanitarian work. She has traveled the world to make it a better place. She has worked with the UN to build and paint housing and pave the streets in poor communities; she helped to get a school built for victims of the typhoon that devastated the Philippines; she is the global ambassador for Human Nature organic cosmetics which benefits poor farmers in the Philippines and she has her own line of eco-friendly Furry Kind pet products.

Her humanitarian work has become so prominent that she's gotten the attention of heads of state, invited in 2012 by Hillary Clinton to a private function for the President of the Philippines.

Clearly she has expanded her activities to take into account social and global responsibility. Three cheers for Rachel!

Cosmopolitan, generous, intelligent, strong, gorgeous and regal: Rachel Grant has it all. She has journeyed the globe to help humanity and puts her name and energy into projects that are better for the world and help those who are in need. She is accomplished and conscientious, successful but responsible.

She is a true beauty.

Rachel Grant: True Beauty
Rachel Grant: True Beauty
Updated: 07/05/2014, NateB11
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NateB11 on 07/15/2014

She has done a lot of amazing things, for certain.

JoHarrington on 07/15/2014

She's certainly accomplished a lot there!

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