Remix Contests for Music Producers

by edukcuf

A look a remix contests which are when musicians ask their fans to remix their track. Usually a prize is awarded to the best remix.

What are Remix Contests?

Remix contests are where a musician releases the individual tracks to a song so that each instrument, vocals and drum can be heard on their own. These individual tracks are called remix stems and are given out in remix packs. By releasing these individual track parts, other music producers can easily create a remix of the original track.

Remix contests usually have prizes such as music equipment, music software amongst other items. But most almost always release the remix on the same record label as the musician running the remix contest. This means that the remixer can get promotion and get their name out there.

This makes remix contests a win-win situation for both musician and remixer. The musician gets promoted with lots of remixes and gives something back to the fans and the remixers get the chance to further their music career.


Entering a Remix Contest

If you are a music producer who is trying to get their name out there, entering a remix contest can help that to happen. We are going to give you some tips on choosing a suitable remix contest to enter.

We suggest that you choose a remix contest from Remix Comps. Now choosing a contest can be tricky because there are so many to choose from. We suggest you go for one that is within the genre that you create music in. This is because the labels are more likely to choose remixes which fit within their label releases.

Choose a medium known artist to remix. Too well known artists will receive far too many remixes. Not so well known artists will not provide any benefit to you. But most of all pick a track that you know you will enjoy remixing.

What is a remix

A quick look at what a remix actually is.
:This article is about an alternative version of a recorded work. For other uses, see Remix. A remix is an alternative version of a recorded song, made from an original version. Sometimes this term is also used for alterations of media or recreation other than song. A remixer uses audio mixing to compose an alternate master recording of a song, adding or subtracting elements, or simply changing the equalization, dynamics, pitch, tempo, playing time, or almost any other aspect of ...

Websites which Run Remix Contests

Indaba Music
Runs remix contests and music contests on a very regular basis

Beatport Play
The popular online music store runs remix contest for big names

Runs remix contests usually for Techno or House DJs

Runs remix contests for artists, site is by Sony as they make the music software ACID

FiXT Remix
Runs remix contests for FiXT artists and more.

Mixing desk
Mixing desk
Monitor Speaker
Monitor Speaker

How to Remix

To remix you must first learn how to use DAW software like Ableton Live, Fruityloops or Reason. Then it is just a case of loading up the remix samples into your software and messing about with them.

Don't do too little messing about as your remix won't be a remix, it will just be an edit and also at the same time don't do too much as your remix will become an original track that just samples the original.

Some of the things you can change to give ideas for your remix are: The track tempo, track key, bassline, drums, style, genre. Basically change anything you feel and make the original track your own. Place your own stamp on it.

You can also add new parts to your remix such as new instruments. You don't usually add new vocals as they are already the bulk of the original track. although some hiphop remix contests allow you to add an additional verse to the track.

How many remix contests have you entered.

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Sounds Awesome

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It sounds like a great way of getting your name known in the music business

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