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by Wizzler


RitePad is a relatively new website. It is growing and looks promising. You get 80% of the total Ad impressions generated on your content. The minimum word count required for a post is 100 words. They allow you to place a maximum of two external links per post, but your post must have at least 300 words for backlinks. They don't allow any sort of duplicate content.


HubPages is an established revenue sharing website. They have been negatively affected by the panda update and as a result HP has lost about two third of its organic traffic. It is still a good website to grab some backlinks. They might penalize you if every article of yours is linking to the same pages.

You get 60% of the total Ad impressions generated on your content. Duplicate content is not allowed on HubPages.


Squidoo was launched back in 2006 and is one of the foremost revenue sharing websites. It has done well to maintain traffic after the panda update. They give you only 50% ad impressions on your content.


You get 75% of the total Ad impressions generated on your content on InfoBarrel which is a better percentage than Squidoo and HubPages; but RitePad still remains the best revenue sharing website in terms of imression sharing with 80% impressions allocated to the authors.

You need to write a minimum of 300 word article on IB and you can place 2 external links. For a better visibility you must write a 400 word post. I haven't been able to rank my infobarrel articles high in search engines and thus earned a really small ampount of money there. Duplicate won't get approved here.

Some More Revenue Sharing Websites

Triond: You get 50% of the revenue generated there.

Xomba: They make your backlinks NOFOLLOW and give you only 50% of the Adsense impressions.

TrendHunter: They alot you 50% of the ad impressions generated on your content.

Seekyt: You get 70% of the total adsense impressions registered on your content.

RateItAll: Here you can earn ~50% of the ad revenue. The website has a good, attractive layout.

Redgage: They have a slightly different revenue sharing system. They pay you around $0.60 per 1000 page vies of your content. Here is a link: Red Gage.

TIP: Please write quality and original content on the websites mentioned above to make the most out of them.


RitePad, which is still new in the field, shares the highest percentage of Adsense impressions with its authors. 

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Updated: 06/20/2011, Wizzler
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Mira on 08/11/2012

Speaking of RitePad, I see there's a real trend for names ending in "pad" right now :-). Thank you for your article!

Alex on 06/28/2012

I saw ritepad was for sale on Flippa! Any idea, why are they selling?

Govind Deepak Kumar on 12/29/2011

My Success Mantra in Revenue Sharing Sites

la tunechi on 10/04/2011 and are two brand new ones that you might find interesting as well. They are Adsense-only and share 70% with the authors. An old one that you missed too is Two other ones I know of are and

barbarab on 08/29/2011

I started with HubPages and Xomba and the pennies were not bad on HP...havent heard of it still google adsense?

Wizzler on 06/20/2011

Good to see your comment Sheila!

sheilamarie on 06/19/2011

Good tips, Wizzler! Thanks for writing this Wizzley article!

Wizzler on 06/19/2011

Lou, do check it out. Get yourself established there before it gets common. :)

lou16 on 06/19/2011

I hadn't heard of ritepad, sounds like another site I'll have to check out.

Wizzler on 06/18/2011

Hashmi, thanks for stopping by and being the first one to comment on my first Wizzley article! :)

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