RSVP Postage Stamps for Weddings

by CherylsArt

RSVP - stands for the French phrase "Répondez s'il vous plaît" which translates to "Respond if you please." An RSVP stamp on the envelope alerts invited guests to respond.

The wedding is an important event, in which much planning goes in to. Many weddings are followed by a reception in which meals and menus are planned. Knowing how many to prepare for is paramount to a successful occasion. Also, some venues, may have limited seating.

The RSVP stamp is an extra notice that the invited guests see before they open the envelope. They'll know from seeing the stamp, that a response is requested.

With custom RSVP postage stamps, you can pick a design and/or a color to go with your wedding theme.

A lot of custom stamps can be customized.

If you see a design that you like, that doesn't say RSVP on it already, you can probably add text, that does. Many designs may also have a template form for you to easily type in your desired text, right on the form.

Quite a few stamp designs on Zazzle can also have the border or background color customized, if it is solid.

If it is painted or looks textured, that is probably part of the artist's design.

However, if it is solid, and you would like a different color or shade, here are some steps you can do, to change it; possibly.

Click on the product, then on Customize It, then on Edit, then on Background or Border, then on the Color of your choice, then on Done.

If the background is white, and that didn't work, check in the next information section below the display of stamps, for additional info.

The yellow and blue daisies stamp is an example of a background color that can be customized.

The yellow roses and blue stars stamps are examples of designs with a painted background. They are part of the design.

Many weddings take place around a holiday, so you can also find lots of choices for a specific holiday theme.

If the background is white, there may be an extra step if you want to change the background color.

If you already tried to change a white background to a different color, and it didn't work, do this:

You would have already clicked on Customize It, Edit, and Background, and the Color of your choice, and Done. If any of the background is still white, then Click on the Image of two gears that are to the right and down from the Edit button.

One of the options will say, "Show whites in image as transparent." Click on that. The white should go away, and be replaced with the Color of your choice.

Updated: 06/25/2013, CherylsArt
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CherylsArt on 05/12/2013

Thank you pkmcr. I agree Dustytoes; I've purchased Zazzle stamps myself, and love how they turned out.

dustytoes on 05/11/2013

Zazzle's stamps are great quality. I love how easy it is to customize them as well.

pkmcr on 05/11/2013

These look really lovely and some great tips for people wanting to customise them.

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