7 Ways To Save Money On School Supplies

by Mssnow4

Don't you hate buying school supplies? They can be so expensive. Not anymore. Here are 7 ways to buy them for cheap or even get them for free!

Saving money on school supplies is easy!

Try some of these

Do you hate back to school because it is so expensive? It doesn't need to be. Try these  ways to save money and even get some things for free.
1. Reuse what you already have. Most people have some pencils, pens, crayons, extra paper notebooks, etc still lying around from last year.  Put them to good use. If you have a backpack that is still in good shape your child can use that. You don't need to buy a new backpack every year. Same goes for lunch boxes and clothes. You can use some of the clothes from last year and make new outfits with a few new clothes.
2. Use thrift stores or yard sales. Most of the time you can find name brand clothes that are in great shape (sometimes like new) for a fraction of the price at thrift stores and yard sales. You can also find some nice school supplies. An exception is don't buy used shoes. You want new shoes so your child can make their own foot shape in it.
3. Look for sales. If you see a sale for crayons for 25 cents go to that store and get the crayons. Stock up and get the maximum amount. That way you will have extra's. Always buy he sales items you don't have o do all of your shopping at one store. Go to store A for 25 cent crayons, store B for pencils and paper and so on. Don't worry about gas most stores are so close together you wont be using all that much.
4. Coupons, Coupons, Coupons. Use them whenever they will save you money. Use coupons in conjunctions with sales and store promotions. You can save a lot that way.
5. Swap with friends and neighbors. Your friends might have an extra supply of paper or a nice back pack and you might have some extra clothes or extra pens. Swap with them and that way you can get your school things for free.
6. Get in the habit of looking at Craigslist. First for the freebies then for the other items you might need. I have found so many free things that people just want to get rid of. 
7. Shop EBay or Amazon. Take advantage of Amazons free shipping when you spend more than $25.


You can save money on practically anything you want. You just have to do a little research and start trying to do it. See you in school!

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Updated: 07/18/2011, Mssnow4
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Holistic_Health on 07/18/2011

So glad my formal school days are behind me. I watch friends spends thousands of dollars at the start of each school year.

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