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by lakeerieartists

Creating quality backlinks are vital to driving traffic to your webpage by driving your website up in the SERPS.

Once you publish a new page of content or entire website worth of information, the next step is finding ways to get people to visit your content. Most people that write online are trying to either send traffic to their business, or grow their authority in a certain area of expertise for later growth or sales for their business. Whichever you are trying to do, you can't do it without any traffic or followers.

Therefore, once you publish your content online, whether it is on a site like Wizzley with numerous authors, or your own website where you are the only author, you need to help people find your content. And really, you don't want just anyone to read your content, but a target market of readers. We will get back to that concept in a few minutes.

Helping People Find Your Website in the SERPs

Backlinks drive your site higher in the search engines

The point I am making is that you need people to find your content online.  So how do you get them to find your content?  This is the magic question that all online authors need to ask themselves.  If you think about how most people find information online, you will come to the realization that they find information primarily through search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others.

With that knowledge kept firmly in the forefront of your mind, it is crucial that you figure out a way to get your content to a place in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), where it will attract the readers that you need to sell your product or idea.

How Important is Your Placement in the SERPs?

Extremely important

Where your website falls in the SERPs is extremely relevant to how much traffic you get.  The best place to be is on the first page of the SERPs for any given search term, and the higher you are on that page, the better.

You obviously cannot be on the first page for every search term that people might enter to find your page, so to compesate for that, it is necessary to concentrate on just a few search terms that you want to rank regularly.  Once you determine what those search terms are, you can embed them into the text of your site, according to search engine optimization techniques.  Another word for search term is keyword.

Most authors research the search terms that people use to find their topic online.  This is called keyword research.

Backlinks Add a Vote of Confidence to Your Site

Setting Up a Backlinking System to Promote Your Website | Webpage
Setting Up a Backlinking System to Pr...

Targeting Your Content to the Right Readers

Target marketing

When you research and write content, it is also important to think about the people you are expecting to read your content.  Who are they?  Where do they live?  How old are they?  What are their likes and dislikes?  This is the demographic of your readership.  This is vital to keep in mind for every piece of content that you put online in any way, shape, or fashion.

Who are you targeting?  Where will you find them?  How will they find you?

After Publishing

Promoting content

Backlinking is a strategy that you use after you have already published your content.

Your content is out there.  It is in the public eye.  But that doesn't mean that people are finding it.  When they go to the search engine and type in your main search terms, you may not be on page 1 of the SERPs.  You may be on page 7 or 15.  Some of this may be because you have chosen a competitive field.  Or because your content is untested.

There are a few things that will help your content rise faster in the SERPs.

  • Where you have published the content
  • How good your keyword research and keyword placement has been
  • How much authority you have in your topic area

But anyone can help their content rise in the SERPs with a backlinking strategy.

What is a Backlink?

A backlink is a link to your content

The basic definition of a backlink is a link from another site or page to yours.  What a backlink shows to the search engines is that someone else likes your content.

The best backlink in the world is when someone else links to you just because they like what you have to say, or they want to use your content as a reference.  But having this happen, can take some time.  In order to help your content rise in the SERPs faster, higher than the competition, you can create backlinks yourself.

Creating Backlinks

Articles, Bookmarks, Blurbs

It may seem way too self promoting to create your own backlinks, but in truth, if you don't promote yourself, how can you compete against all those big companies out there who spend thousands of dollars on commercials, marketing strategies, and analysts?small slice of the readership attention pie

You are just getting a jump start on your content, so that you have a good chance of competing for a small slice of the readership attention pie.

I believe, that the best backlinks that you can create are text backlinks that are a minimum of 200 words.  These can be short articles or blurbs that are about your topic, or a related topic to your main content.  These are NOT copies of your site nor are they excerpts from your site.  And each one should be different.

You can create these articles yourself for free, you can hire someone to write them for you, or you can hire a service to write and post them for you.

Other backlinks can be related content articles on the same site or other sites, bookmarks, and blurbs on sites like Facebook.  Again, the best backlinks have at least 200 words of text associated with each link.  Creating backlinks is important enough that you should take the time to systematically backlink to your sites after publishing as a matter of course.

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Should You Create Backlinks Yourself or Hire Someone to Backlink for You?

Depends on your budget

Once you understand the importance of backlinks, you can also understand why some authors and marketers would be willing to hire someone to create backlinks for them.  Depending on how much money they are making writing and marketing online, it may be well worth their time to hire someone else to create the short articles needed for backlinks.

However, you can certainly start a backlinking strategy for free and do it yourself.  To get you started, I am providing you with a list of sites that you can create backlinking articles for free.  You will need to read each site's TOS to see what their word minimum is, and their linking policy.  Some sites require more than 200 words.  Some of these sites can also earn you money through revenue share.

If you get to the point where you are willing to pay a service at least $30 per month to create backlinks for you, then I highly recommend Build My Rank, which I have used and seen proven results.  Build My Rank charges a monthly fee to backlink unlimited articles, but you have to write them or hire a writer to write them.  For each link, you need at least 150 words.

Whether paying someone is in your budget or not, you will definitely see a rise in the SERPs over time by creating a backlinking strategy.  That is what will get you the traffic you need for your content.

Free Article Publishing Sites

You will have to apply for an invite to some of them
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biztable on 01/27/2012

Guest posting is one effective way to build high quality backlinks for your site. It's way better than submitting to countless article directories.

lakeerieartists on 12/09/2011

@gowriter Thanks for adding the info. I have used Snipsly some, but not too much. I have primarily included article sites above that are run by people that I know.

Yeirl on 11/18/2011

Now I understand backlinking. Thank you.

lakeerieartists on 10/05/2011

@pajs64 Have you tried the sites that I have mentioned above?

pajs64 on 09/28/2011

Getting enough backlins is my main problem. I am trying with support blogs, WEB 2.0 pages but than these ones also needs backlinks in order to be indexed and so the story goes on and on ...

ohcaroline on 08/27/2011

This is something I have yet to master...along with a few other things. This will help me steer myself in the right direction. Thanks.

ForestBear on 08/05/2011

This is great information. It was very helpful, I have a lot to learn!!! Thank you for sharing, I have just bookmarked it.

lakeerieartists on 06/04/2011

@sheilamarie Glad I can help. We all had to learn this at one time.

sheilamarie on 06/04/2011

Thanks, Paula, for this information. There is such a learning curve on this one. Your article is clear and helpful.

poddys on 06/03/2011

Great information. There are a few sites here that I haven't come across before. They might just help nudge some lenses a bit higher in Google, which is all important.

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