Song Writing Tips For Beginners

by brlamc

Looking for Song Writing tips for beginners? Get some tips on writing songs and learn about some books that can help you write your own songs.

Tips For Writing Your Own Songs

Have you ever wanted to write you own song? Most musicians at some point want to write their own song. Playing the music of other artists is great fun but creating your own work is an even better experience. It's difficult to figure out just how to create your own songs but here are some simple tips to get you started:

  • Your Life Experiences - one way to create a great song is to just go with your life experiences. Maybe you have had a bad relationship in your past. These types of topics make for great songs that other people can relate easily to. Life experience songs can bring out your passion and make the song stand out which gets noticed.
  • Current Events - In the 1960s we had the birth of the protest song and it's making a comeback with the occupy movement and the state of the economy. Sometimes a great song can involve social in justice or any other real life topic you have feelings for. These songs also hit at the heart of everyday people around the world.
  • Love - Of course one of the most popular genres of song is love. These songs are enjoyed by anyone. This genre is quite overdone so just be sure that you have something original to say or some great music to go along with it.
  • Myth, Legend, and History - Sometimes you can write a great song by writing about the past or the legends and myths of our time. This type of writing does take more effort but you can get some truly epic songs if it's done correctly. Fantasy and space are other topics in this category
  • General Life - Another great songwriting tip is to just write about general everyday life. You'll hear great song in this genre in the tunes of Country artists.

Below are some great songwriting books that can help you with your writing and with ideas. Start slowly and just try to write a song, You never know, you might have a hit on your hands and not even realize it.

126 Shortcuts to Song Writing

This book offers 126 shortcuts that can help you with your next song. You'll learn melody and lyric writing ideas from some of the world's top songwriters. You'll get 38 proven strategies for writing great lyrics and 30 ways to keep your song melody fresh. Learn secrets to song structure and so much more in this book for writing that next great song.

The Songwriting Sourcebook

This book will help you write better songs by learning how to apply chord sequences that make sense. Learn how just three and four chords can lay the foundation for a great song. Learn both major and minor keys for writing songs and how they relate to one another.The book has an audio CD that illustrates some of the points in the book. I owned the first version of this book and it's a great tool for writing your own songs.

How Many Original Songs Have You Written?

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Rose on 01/17/2014

I can write song lyrics, it's the melodies that defeat me.

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