Starting Up an Online Art Store

by RoseGob

This tells the readers how I started my online art store at Etsy and what inspired me to share my artworks online.

I have been selling my artworks to friends but never got the chance to exhibit my paintings to public. The only way I get to have my drawings and paintings seen is with my Touchtalent but since I only have a free account, I don't know how I could possibly sell them. Luckily, I stumbled on a comment from Instagram, where an artist were advised to sell his works via Etsy. I immediately checked the site and found that opening an online shop requires very minimal cost to sell my artworks. I haven't received any purchase yet but I get to exhibit my works, and by doing so, I received more orders from friends.

First Steps to Starting Up Your Online Art Store

Your Hobby Can be a Good Start for Business

In starting my Etsy online art store, which I called Rose Gob's Artworks, I've gone through a lot of trial and error.  I started reading the blogs written by fellow Etsy shop owners and tried to look at how they sell their items.  I also ask questions as to how I can possibly make my own shop look attractive to buyers.  The quality of photos I used for my postings matters, according to one blogger, and I thought if I am the buyer, the price matters more.  Yet still, since I started it, I have not received any purchase via online.

The advantage of opening my online store though is that I get to promote my works to my friends by sharing it on my Facebook (FB) account, and Twitter account.  While I'm writing this article, I am hopeful for the promised commissioned work given to me by a new acquaintance, to work for a charcoal portrait or drawing for 16 members of their Coop's board.  Also pending at this moment is the delivery of a commissioned work for an oil painting (as shown below).

    Customized Oil Painting 

When starting your online shop, we need to actively promote it.  Without doing so, how do you expect to drive traffic to your online shop.  Invite your friends to view it and if possible, promote it too.

Boosting your post on FB may help depending on how wide your reach is.  Paying to boost your post would mean extra expense.

Having an online shop is also an additional responsibility.  Regularly check your inbox to make sure you don't misses any leads or possible customers.  Satisfying their orders is the next thing you need to do.  Be able to deliver on time.  Satisfied customers provides free promotions.  If they are happy with your product, you may then ask them if they can leave a message or comment on your link.

Planning the contents and improving your shop's performance may take some time.  Be patient and keep on doing what you love most.  For me, it is producing art works.  So every time I have a new finished product, I posted it on my shop so as to showcase it, as well as share it with people who may be interested of adopting it.  I like to think that my works goes with someone who would care for it.

Artwork for SaleThink what is your main objective in starting up your online shop.  For many, as source of income.  But for me, I believe you need to keep on producing before you'll be able to see some sales.  Widen your reach and try to promote your products by creating articles and blogs.  That way, you get to market your own products.  You are the right person to do it since you know your artworks well.

Enjoy selling!


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