Sterling silver bird pendants and charms

by EmpressFelicity

Looking for bird-themed pendants and charms in sterling silver? Here are some top online picks

When it comes to jewellery, anything made from sterling silver with a plant or animal design is bound to catch my eye.  I particularly love bird-themed items; in my mind, birds are associated with freedom and the ability to soar above one's troubles and aspire to higher things.  So if you too like bird jewellery or are looking for a gift along those lines, then you might be interested to know that has some fab bird-themed pendants and charms, which I've showcased in the capsules below and on the right.  I've concentrated on sterling silver because it's within the reach of most pockets and will surely increase in value in the future.

Sterling silver eagle pendant

The eagle is a huge bird with a wingspan of up to seven feet, and yet it flies seemingly without effort in search of its prey. Sabrina Silver's sterling silver eagle pendant (right) encapsulates that "just about to land on an unsuspecting rodent" look. It's fabulously detailed, with an antiqued/oxidised finish and at over 1.5 inches across, it's big enough to be noticed (yet not too big), and could be worn by a man or a woman. 

f you want your eagle to be attached to the chain at both wingtips, then try Silver Insanity's eagle necklace. The eagle is two inches wide, and the chain can be adjusted so the overall length of the necklace is 16, 17 or 18 inches.

At the opposite end of the avian spectrum to the eagle is the tiny hummingbird. The sterling silver hummingbird pendant/charm shown here is three quarters of an inch wide so would sit quite happily on a vintage-style charm bracelet, as well as on a chain around your neck. An 18" chain is included.

One of my top picks out of all the bird pendants I found on Amazon is the owl scrying pendant by The Silver Dragon. It doesn't come cheap, but it does make an impact. In case you're wondering what "scrying" is, it's a method of clairvoyance/divination that is practised by gazing into an object. Looking at the pendant in question, you can see the logic - the cutwork silver owl sits on a black onyx background which reminds you of the night sky. If you gaze at it for long enough, your eyes are pulled in… But even if you're not into the paranormal/clairvoyance, this pendant is still gorgeous and what's more, it's made in the USA from recycled silver.

On a more delicate note there is also Boma Sterling's necklace, featuring a tiny bird (a sparrow?) guarding two eggs in a nest! The focal piece is just over three quarters of an inch across and the necklace is 16 inches

Sterling Silver Owl Scrying Pendant With Moonstone Accent [Jewelry]

By The Silver Dragon

Only $97.00
FOJO's Sterling Silver Sparrow Necklace

Finished with a antique tarnish-free plating. Measures 16" in length with a 2" extender

Boma Sterling Silver Bird with Nest Necklace, 16"

Boma Sterling Silver Bird with Nest Necklace, 16"

Celtic Love Bird Love Knot Charm or Small Pendant in Sterling Silver, #8648

Taos Trading. The Love Knot represents two bonded lovers, with its two intertwining overhand knots.

long. In case you've never heard of Boma Sterling, they're a Seattle-based company that was started in the early 1980s. I own a piece of Boma Sterling jewellery (a modernist-style silver bracelet set with lapis lazuli stones), which I bought in a vintage store. It's very well made, not to mention attractive to look at!

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