Straight Hair Cutting How To

by CherylsArt

Are you wanting to do a straight hair cut, at home? Find out how I did it, with illustrated pictures and tips.

My daughter had long hair, past her shoulders, which she wanted cut in to a straight shoulder length cut. I had watched beauty shop people do it before, and had done it that way too. Then one day, at the beginning of the cut, I had a new idea, and it worked so much better. Read on to find instructions and supplies.

General Tips before starting

Wet the hair down. Wet hair is easier to cut than dry.

Gather your supplies. You will need quality hair cutting scissors, a cape, and a chair that works for giving hair cuts.

Step 1 - Section a two inch wide strip of hair on the top of the head.

You want to keep the strip on the thinner side, so that this section doesn't become too layered.

This is the first cut, and the most important one. This first step determines the length of the rest of the hair cut.

Holding this strip straight up on top of the head, depending on which side you're on, cut from front to back or back to front, keeping the edges straight. Hold the hair between your fingers on one hand, and cut with the other hand.

The photo is from after I already did this first cut.

Straight haircut, step 1


To get a good hair cut, quality scissors are essential.

Use these scissors for hair cutting only, so that they'll stay sharp.
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Step 2 - Comb the first section of cut hair down into the remaining hair.

Part the hair in the center.

Starting on one side, combing as you go, find the end of the first layer, pulling in some under hair, pull straight, and cut that section of hair.

If you are working with thick hair, you may need to do this step several times in each section. For thinner hair, you may be able to easily cut more hair at once.

Repeat on the other side.

Straight haircut, step 2

A hair cutting cape helps to keep loose hair off the shoulders and clothing.

This one is adjustable with snaps, and is also machine washable.
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Step 3 - Using the same technique, and the two sides to help you keep things in line, cut the back hair.

Comb hair well, in different directions to loosen up any pieces that may have gotten hid.

Cut to the length of the cut hair.

Straight haircut, step 3

Having my daughter sit at a comfortable height for me, is a big help.

This artist stool is adjustable, and also has a back rest and a foot rest, making it comfortable for her as well.
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Voila, she is happy with her hair cut.

I didn't have to pin piles of hair on her head.

I didn't have to cut one side and keep measuring to see if they were even. Holding the top layer straight over the center of her head, at the beginning, kept the hair even. Then I had this to use as my guide.

Haircut is complete.

Updated: 05/24/2013, CherylsArt
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PeggyHazelwood on 06/09/2013

Great haircut! I have trimmed my daughter's hair before but not cut that much off. Good job, mom!

CherylsArt on 06/02/2013

Thank you kinworm. Perhaps I was more adventurous, since I started trying cutting techniques on my own hair when I was young.

Marie on 06/02/2013

You did a really good job. Looks like a great technique to use. This is one job I do not enjoy doing since it could go horribly wrong!

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