Sun Hats For Women

by dustytoes

Most of us need a sun hat at one time or another. For fashion and practicality I have listed some of my favorite sun hats for women.

Summer weather brings out the sun hats, and each year new products are added to the market place. Fashionable and practical hats and caps are the perfect wardrobe accessory for any woman. A vacation to a tropical climate or desert, means sun protection is a must.

A windy climate, or boating activities require hats with chin straps as you won't want to have to chase down your hat, or fish it out of the water. Activities such as kayaking and paddleboarding require headwear that stays put and keeps sunburns away.

All the sun hats on this page meet my expectations when it comes to being outside in the hot summer sun. But hats can be worn in Spring for gardening, and they also help keep bugs away. With a little research, some hats could protect from rain as well.

We will al need a hat at some point, and it's an important part of a summer wardrobe no matter what your plans are.

Five Important Features a Sun Protective Hat Should Have

If your new beach hat meets all these requirements, it will be the perfect summer fashion accessory.

beach holiday fashionSometimes we are so excited about traveling, and taking that long awaited v.acation, that we overlook some important things.  A sun hat may seem like a small, unimportant, or less important, part of the wardrobe.  Swim suits and outfits are certainly on the top of the list to acquire.  We may be tempted to just grab a hat that looks good and throw it into the suitcase, but with a little forethought, you can be extremely pleased once it's time to put that sucker on.

........   My list of features for the perfect sun hat   ........

  1. It must be large enough to cover face and ears.  Ball caps and visors won't do this.
  2. A chin strap is a must.  It can be hidden up inside the hat if it's not windy, but on a windy day, you will definitely need that safety strap unless you want to be running around chasing your hat!
  3. The fabric must have venting, or be made of breathable (not heavy) material.  A hat that makes your head hot will make you miserable and less likely to wear it.
  4. The color must be light, with a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) built in.  You want to reflect the suns rays, not absorb them and have a steaming hot head.
  5. It must look good, of course!  A hat that is too big can look ridiculous so don't be attracted to the super size brims too quickly.

What I like about the hats on this page is that they are all packable and easy to take along on any trip.


Hats that provide sun protection must also be fashionable!

Lounging poolside
Lounging poolside

Elegant and Practical Summer Straw Hats With a Brim

This braided hat and straw hat also offer UPF protection. These would work great for gardening.
Sloggers 442SG Women's Wide Brim Bra...Coolibar UPF 50+ Women's Tropicana Su...

#1. A hat for sun protection should fit correctly and cover important areas of the head and neck.

Going to a store and trying on hats may be the best way to determine the perfect hat for you.

I admit that I am not much of a hat person.  I wear them when I need to.  Mostly a ball cap works to keep the sun out of my eyes when I take a walk.  But a ball cap won't work at the beach since our ears burn so easily.  And that type of hat will only make your head hot while keeping sun off your forehead only.  Not very practical.  But I don't want to look silly in a huge hat either.

I do a lot of shopping from home.  Because you will find all kinds of reviews of the big brimmed hats at Amazon, I believe you have a better chance of finding a good looking (not too big) hat if it is made by a brand that specializes in outdoor wear, including protective gear.   And read reviews to see if most people loved the hat for the reasons you would.

Some popular brand names include:  Coolibar and Scala.  These brands also sell other sun protective clothing and accessories.  Hats that are made well, by reputable companies, should fit your need for sun protection.

Bucket Hat by Tuga - Choose a lighter color

This one has UPF 50+, with sweat band and chin strap. I like the light green color best. Click to view other choices.
Tuga Adult UPF 50+ Playa Lightweight Casual Bucket Hat (UV Sun Prot...

#2. The All Important Chin Strap

Don't worry, it can be tucked away, or removed in some cases.

Women may take issue with a hat that has a chin strap.  It may not suit them as far as looks go, but once they are walking or sitting on a windy beach, they may change their minds. It's not fun to chase your hat down the beach!

If you like boating, it will no doubt be windy as the boat travels along and unless you plan to hold onto that hat a chin strap is needed.  Many hats include an adjustable toggle at the back so the hat can be cinched tighter to the head.  A ball cap with "skirt" may work better in a windy area.

Remember that it tends to be windy along the shoreline and out on the water.  A strap can easily be pushed up under the hat if the day is calm, but it's there is the wind picks up. 

Columbia Summer Sun Hat With Chin Strap

Wear this one for any type of water sport, such as paddle-boarding and kayaking. Click to view more colors.
Columbia Women's Paddler Booney

#3. Choose a Hat Made of Breathable Fabric, or That Features Vents

Covering your head means it can get hot unless the covering is made the right way.

Sometimes we get lazy and just grab our favorite ball cap or trusty visor as we head out to the beach.  These are useless as protection from the suns harmful rays.  Visors and ball caps are usually made of heavy material that will just soak up the sweat and be wet and uncomfortable.

Columbia Sportswear also has a nice selection of colorful head coverings, with UPF.  Their hats have chin straps, in some cases, and are adjustable by using a drawstring and toggle in the back or inside. 

Do you like to wear hats?

Some people look great in a hat, and others .... well, just don't.

#4. and #5. Pick a Great Color That Will Make You Look Fabulous!

Once you've found the style you like pick a color to suit your personality.

When I dress for everyday, I tend to gravitate towards earth tones and subtle colors.  But when it comes to beachwear and summer clothing, the brighter and lighter colored the better.

I love Florida's beaches because they are full of all shapes and sizes of people.  I never feel out of place, no matter what I wear.  (Believe me, you will see some sights in Florida!) 

So good luck to you with your sun hat buying and don't forget to pack it in the suitcase!

Flap Hat to Cover Neck

The sun runner is a unisex cap with removable skirt that exposes a hat with mesh sides. It comes in other colors such as khaki, white, or lemongrass.
Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap

Reach For Your Sun Protective Hat Often

The first hats with neck coverings that I ever saw were worn by babies and young children.  The design is perfect as it covers the areas of the head that are very susceptible to sun burn. Combine UV protective hats with a rash guard and your kids are pretty well covered in the most burn prone areas.

Now, this same great design comes in adult sizes.  Although you may not want to wear this hat to the beach, it would be great for a walk or outing.  Some styles have removable flaps too (orange Sun Runner above).  Some of the companies that offer summer hats with the neck protector attachment are and Sunday Afternoons.

Any of the hats on this page could also double as gardening apparel.  Anytime the sun is blazing down on you, is a good time to protect yourself from harmful UV rays.

Updated: 03/01/2016, dustytoes
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Have I convinced you to buy a hat as sun protection?

dustytoes on 02/09/2014

When I lived in Florida getting vitamin D was not a problem since it's sunny nearly every single day. But spending time outside (boating, fishing, at the beach) means definitely covering up. I don't trust sunscreen alone in Florida.

ologsinquito on 02/09/2014

These are a good idea to protect your face and neck from too much sun, as overexposure shows up as leathery skin. We do need a little sun, since we need Vitamin D, but we can always expose our arms and feet to harsh rays.

jptanabe on 09/15/2013

Great collection of sun hats! I really need a hat when I'm out in the sun, and I agree the chin strap is essential - I've chased many a hat in the wind!

dustytoes on 05/30/2013

I like them for wearing while I garden.

kimbesa on 05/29/2013

I always can use another hat, especially one designed for sun protection.

WriterArtist on 05/14/2013

A hat adds to the personality besides protecting you from harmful UV rays. Love these summer hat collection.

katiem2 on 04/06/2013

Showed this to my daughter who like this summer hat collection, the best way to protect yourself, skin and hair from the sun.

dustytoes on 03/24/2013

I could have guessed that Abby... ;)

AbbyFitz on 03/24/2013

Great list of hats! I love hats. I'd wear them everyday if I could.

dustytoes on 03/24/2013

Thanks Katie..!

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