Take Some Time For Tea

by Sannel

Become a teaist and start dedicating the ritual of tea brewing as a brief period of time in harmony and serenity, because time is precious, waste it wisely!

Most busy people throw a tea bag into a cup, add hot water, maybe some milk, stir and drink. Yes, it is very convenient, quick, and doesn’t require any brewing ceremonies, but; Life is precious, why rush it? So instead why don't you take a moment to reflect on the simple pleasures in life, while you brew yourself a cup of tea.


Time-honored tradition


In many parts of the world, tea is a time-honored tradition of refinement and elegance. But for many of us, living life in a hectic and harried pace, it leaves little room for leisurely afternoon teas, tea ceremonies, or even having the time to brew ourselves a decent nice cup of tea

Most busy people throw a tea bag into a cup, add hot water, maybe some milk, stir and drink. Yes, it is very convenient, quick, and doesn’t require any brewing ceremonies, but; Life is precious, why rush it?


Pamper ourselves

"There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as an afternoon tea" wrote the American-born writer Henry James, and I couldn't agree more!

I believe we all should hit the brake pedal once in a while and set aside a little extra time for ourselves. We should take a moment to reflect on the simple pleasures in life and catch up with family and special company of dear friends, both old and new. Furthermore, we should pamper ourselves with beauty, elegance and quality. Isn't that what life is all about? In fact, all this is easy to do, simply with a cup of tea!



Take some time for tea
Take some time for tea
Sannel Larson
Feeling of relaxation

First of all, why not start off by buying quality loose leaf tea or loose herbal tea. The fact that leaf tea and herbal tea have so many positive health benefits, makes this a beverage that is actually good for you. Today there is a plethora of tastes, colors and aromas that could be found in loose leaf teas and loose herbal teas.

Set aside a little quiet time. The feeling of relaxation will start as soon as you begin preparing the tea.This little "ritual" gives you a sense of comfort. To be able to see the loose tea leaves in your strainer is in fact nice. Notice the color of the leaf, the shape, the lightness. Inhale the wonderful aroma from the tea leaves, it literally gives your mind and body an intensified jolt of energy.

Tea time
Sannel Larson
Time is precious, waste it wisely

The tea-cup is very important. Yes indeed!

If it's from a delicate china cup, a dainty tea-cup trimmed in gold leaf paint, a beautiful floral pattern Victorian vintage cup, or from a sturdy ceramic mug it doesn’t matter. The thing that matters is that when you look at the cup, it should make you happy.

Sit back and relax. Your journey into a relaxing and peaceful moment begins. With each sip, simply enjoy the fragrance and taste of the tea. Take time to think and dream. Let go of all the stress and tension, and take time to savor this brief period of time in harmony and serenity, because time is precious, waste it wisely.

Loose leaf tea
Sannel Larson
Some interesting facts and history about the tea ceremony

The custom of drinking tea first originated from China. From the beginning tea would be drunk only for its medicinal benefits, but later the concept changed , and the custom of drinking tea spread and  enjoyed for its taste. It should take thousands of years before tea first got introduced to the outside world. In the 9th Century, there was a Chinese Buddhist monk who introduced the beverage to Japan, where it soon became immensely popular and the land started to develop for growing its own tea.

In the early 9th Century, the Chinese author, Lu Yu whose life had been heavily influenced by Zen Buddhism, wrote the Ch'a Ching, an exposition on tea. His belief would later have a powerful influence on the Japanese tea ceremony. Some of Lu Yu Quotes;

“Its liquor is like the sweetest dew from Heaven.”

“Its goodness is a decision for the mouth to make.”

Influenced by Zen Buddhism

The Japanese tea ceremony is a ritualized form of making tea, influenced by Zen Buddhism, where a skilled person, (tea practitioner) has been thoroughly trained in the art and science of preparing and serving the finest tea. He or she must not only have the knowledge about tea production and types of tea, but also be familiar with the kimono, flower arrangements, ceramics, calligraphy, incense and a broad range of other disciplines and traditional arts. The study of tea ceremony takes many years to polish.

The Japanese tea ceremony, served by a tea practitioner to a small group in a quiet and sober ambiance, with the philosophy that each meeting will be treasured as one time- one meeting, for it can never be reproduced. The meetings are a refinement of tranquility, respect, harmony and purity.

Even as a guest at these ceremonies it requires knowledge and certain behaviors are requested. The guests should be expected to take tea and sweets the proper way and know certain gestures and phrases.

Tea time
Tea time
Tea time

When tea is served this way it is called Teaism. It's an art form, in where a sense of focus and concentration takes place under the influence of tea. The practice advocate harmony with nature, achieve the purity of enlightenment, reduce the heartbeat, train the mind. and nourish harmony in humanity.

Teaist is a person who performs or enjoys the art of tea and teaism. In Chinese chayi, Japanese chado, and Korean tarye cultures, they all have vigorous developed teaism.

Victorian Era

Since the 18th century, the tea ceremony in England started during the Victorian era, with its high tea and low tea rituals. It was an upper-class beverage, associated with high society. It was very important that the tea ceremony had the right tea, equipment and manners and held in the “right” social circle.

In the course of the 18th century, tea drinking and its ceremonies spread in Great Britain, and it became a drink less associated with high society, as people of all classes started to drink tea and has remained so until today.

Since the 18th century, the British have been the greatest tea consumers per person in the world, with each person consuming an average of 2.5kg per year.

Afternoon Tea
Afternoon Tea
British Tea Ritual

Even very simple button-down events could be a cause for cups and saucers to be used instead of mugs. The British are quite passionate how their favorite drink is being brewed and the ceremony of brewing might run as follows:

  1. Use freshly drawn water. When water is re-boiled, or stands for a while, it loses oxygen which prevents the full flavor of the tea being released. The kettle is brought to a rolling boil and water poured into a tea-pot. The water swirls around the pot to warm it and then poured out. This helps the brewing process by maintaining the brewing temperature, and extract more flavor from the tea.

  2. Loose tea leaves are used, black tea usually, although tea bags are sometimes used. Put about 2 grams or 1 tsp. Of tea leaves per 6-8 Oz of water in a strainer, tea basket or tea ball into your pre-heated pot. ( Do not use tea strainers that are too small. It is important that the tea leaves have room to expand during the brewing process, to release their flavor).

  3. Then add hot water. Be sure that the water comes to a full boil, otherwise it does not allow the tea to brew properly. ( Do not boil the water for a long period of time because this will deplete the water of oxygen).

  4. It is very important to know how warm the water should be for each type of tea. For example, if you use boiling water for green or white teas, it will "cook" the leaves and destroy the tea and its flavor, creating a bitter tasting tea.

  5. Stir the tea in the pot once or twice while it's brewing. Remove the tea leaves out of the infusion. The amount of time that the tea steeps will decide its strength.

  6. The straight tea is then given to the guests and they may add fresh milk and white sugar to their taste.

  7. The pot should hold enough tea, not to be empty after filling the cups of all the guests, and a tea cozy will cover the teapot to keep the tea hot after everyone will be served.

  8. Lemons are sliced, no wedges, but usually without lemon.


Proper Tea
Proper Tea
Proper Manner

There is a distinctive manner in which to drink tea when using a cup and saucer. If one is seated at a table, the correct way to drink tea is to discrete raise the tea-cup and placing it back into the saucer in between sips. When standing or sitting in a chair without a table, one grasp the tea- saucer with one hand and the tea-cup in the dominant hand. When finished taken a sip, the tea- cup is placed back on the tea saucer and held in one's lap or at waist height. In any circumstances, the tea-cup should never be held for a long time or swayed back and forth in the air.

Drinking tea from the saucer (poured from the cup to cool it) was not unusual at one time, but is now altogether considered a contravention of etiquette.

Become a teaist

So why don't you start to pamper yourself with your next cup of tea. Become a teaist and start dedicate the ritual of tea brewing as a brief period of time in harmony and serenity, because time is precious, waste it wisely!



©Copyright 2012 By Sannel Larson.

Sannel Larson
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Sannel on 10/22/2014

Thank you Dana for stopping by. No, I'm not selling any tea. However, tea is a big part of my life, since I'm drinking it all the time. . .lol! I love tea, as long as it's loose tea or herbal tea.

Dana (Love) on 10/22/2014

Thank you for sharing this with me Sannel. Important information to educate us all about the art of Tea! Are these teas you are selling? Dana

Sannel on 08/20/2012

Hello Sir Sremmus! Oh, I'm not picky, as long as the tea is loose leaf tea and it's freshly brewed, I can drink it from any old cup. And if I have such a delightful company as yourself to share a cup of tea with, it could not get any better. Thank you! Enjoy your day.

Sir Sremmus on 08/18/2012

Time? Which aroma and flavor will I be treated to or is it a surprise? Sometimes I like my tea with a tad of stevita or sneak some honey near snack time. I like it raw too! A-la-natural is tasty when it is spied by the eye of an expert as yourself and perpared by hand. Maybe you can share what part of the morning is best through the window while chatting with a cup of fine china. Do you offer lessons on how to sip and hold the saucer and cup. Maybe post something here, so I will not be a klutz on that morning in the future. Have a great day my Dearest Best Friend . . .

Sannel on 08/14/2012

Hello Mira! Thank you for your time and kind words!

Mira on 08/06/2012

Hi Sannel, I really enjoyed your article, especially the section about the British Tea Ritual. Look forward to reading more of your articles! :-)

Sannel on 07/06/2012

Hello Brenda! Yes, I do agree with you. There is nothing better that to sit down and drink tea from a lovely cup. I love my beautiful tea cups. They make me happy. Thank you!

BrendaReeves on 07/05/2012

It's the simple things in life that give me tremendous joy. I love beautiful teapots and teacups. They're mandatory for my tea ceremony.

Sannel on 07/04/2012

Hello Vincent! Wonderful to hear that you enjoy tea and good company. I love herbal teas myself and drink it all the time. High noon tea sounds lovely. I find the world of tea to be intriguing. So much to learn and so many different kinds of tea to choose from. Hugs to you my friend.

VincentMoore on 07/03/2012

What a wonderful delightful article on Tea. I love teas, mostly Herbal of course. Green Tea is so good for us and I drink a lot of it for good health. Nothing better than sitting with friends over a pot of tea and some added biscuit treats to enjoy along with the tea. I have a special item for tea that I use, I simply place the Tea leaves on the top, pour in the hot water and watch it envelope the tea and drip. Makes for a perfect couple of cups of brewed tea. I have enjoyed tea in England and Canada. I sat with some important people once at the Empress Hotel in Victoria B.C. It was called high noon tea and a variety of teas were available along with a smorgasborg of different treats. I enjoyed myself so much, I kept going back for seconds. LOL

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