Tapeheads | The Movie Starring Tim Robbins and John Cusak

by CountrySunshine

A quirky, classic video, Tapeheads combines music with comedy, in a parody of the music production and video industry. A must view if you enjoy cult classics..

I'm a huge fan of quirky, off-beat films and cult movie classics. Tapeheads is just one in a long line of such movies, which also includes the Blues Brothers, Harold and Maude, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I've enjoyed Tapeheads hundreds of times over the past 20 years, and still can't get enough!

So what makes Tapeheads a classic?

#1 - It's the time period.

Remember the 1980s? It was the time of big hair, MTV and music videos.  MTV promoted bands such as U2, the Eurythmics, Blondie, Huey Lewis & The News, AC/DC and Def Leppard.  Band members wore spandex pants, leather vests, and bandanas around their hair.  Tapeheads includes all of this and more.

#2 - The Cast

Tim Robbins and John Cusack are the stars of the show. The chemistry these two actors share shines through their roles, and makes the movie that much more hysterical!


Other cast members include:

  • Sam Moore and Junior Walker - R&B singers and songwriters, known as the "Swanky Modes" in this film
  • Weird Al Yankovich - playing himself
  • King Cotton - A Texas blues vocalist who, in this movie, plays "Roscoe", who serves up chicken and waffles
  • Rock guitar player / singer Ted Nugent
  • Courtney Love - an Alternative rock singer
  • Comedian Bob Goldwaite
  • Michael Nesmith of “The Monkeys” fame, who not only produced "Tapeheads", but had a cameo role
  • Punk rock vocalist and guitar player Stiv Bators, who plays a bartender
John Cusack
John Cusack

#3 - The Music

From the "Blender Children"; to "Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles", to "Baby Doll" by Cube-Square; and the "Swanky Modes"; you'll experience a parody of the type of music videos produced in the 1980s.

#4 - The Storyline

This is a story of two nerdy friends working as security guards. Josh (Tim Robbins) wants to break into the music video business. He dreams of becoming a producer, but doesn't really know where to begin. Ivan (John Cusack), doesn't know anything about the movie or music business, but is a slick talker with a lot of ambition. When they get fired from their security guard gig, they decide the time is right to pursue their new career.

They begin producing music videos and commercials, all of which are disastrous. Using paint, pyrotechnics, and bad animation, Josh and Ivan continue on their quest for the perfect music video. When they are about to give up their dreams, along comes the Swanky Modes. These two guys were legends, and Josh knows that if he produces their video, not only will the Swanky Modes regain their fame, but Josh & Ivan will be successful.

#5 - The Jokes, One-liners and Comedy

This is definitely a movie that you need to watch with someone else, as there are so many jokes, quotes and one-liners that you'll want to repeat over and over. You'll hear them repeat the alphabet backwards (omitting all vowels while using sign language), or say "Yo kids, check this out";. You'll find yourself singing "Waffles are just pancakes with little squares on them"; or "Baby Doll".

If you enjoy classic videos like Tapeheads, you'll also enjoy the Blues Brothers!

The Blues Brothers (Widescreen 25th Anniversary Edition)

Like Tapeheads, the Blues Brother movie is full of fun, music, star power, and humor. A cult classic like no other, the Blues Brothers are on a "mission from God" to make enough money to save an orphanage.

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