Thank you to Birth Mothers

by CherylsArt

There is a special day to celebrate mothers and to give them thanks. I also want to celebrate and give thanks to birth mothers.

Dear Birth Mother, Thank you. Because of you, we have have a family, a daughter that we call our own. Because of you, we are blessed with a child to raise, watch in school plays, and count her fingers and toes. Because of you, we have someone special to give hugs to, and guidance too. We are so blessed, because of you.

This verse, with a minor change, is printed on a Thank You card, below.

There is a day to give reverence, and or to give a prayer of thanks to Birth Mothers.

Birth Mothers Day is the Saturday before Mother's Day.

It was founded by birth mothers in Seattle, Washington,
and was started in 1990.

Because of a birth mother, my heart is filled with gratitude.

May all birth moms know that they are appreciated.

Because of a birth mother, we have been blessed with having a family. I had wanted to have a family for a long time. However, I had a hysterectomy in my early thirties. I felt devastated. But because of another woman's decision, my dream of having a child came true.

I wanted to express my thanks to her in general, and to all birth moms that have made the choice to bless another family in such a wonderful way; Thank you.



Each woman is entitled to make their own decision. It is a very personal choice to make.

The pregnant woman should make the decision that is right for her.

This is not an article about pro-life; as I believe in women having choice. This is just an article to express my gratitude for the choice that a woman made.

I imagine that it wasn't an easy decision for her, but I am glad for the choice that she made. In each instance, the best decision may be a different one. I support all women in making the best choice, that is right for them.

The poetry at the top of the page is included in this card.

Our family became official six months after we bought our baby home.

This is the poem I wrote to celebrate the occasion.

In the Springtime, a couple was waiting. Waiting for a child they could call their own.

In the Springtime, a mother to be was due to give birth, but did not know how she alone could care for her unborn child.

A phone call was made. The birth mother wanted her child to have a good home. Through contacts by caring people, the couple awaiting a child heard about this unborn child who needed a good home.

Through the miracle of God and the love of people, this child and couple were united as a family on April 5.

In the Fall, our family becomes legal on October 3, but this is just the date given by the court. You see, we became a family in the Springtime.

Adoption can be rather quick, or long, and anywhere in between.

From the time that we looked into adoption, until the time that we held our daughter in our arms, was around six or more months.

The waiting list to adopt a healthy infant at the time, was years. We didn't want to wait that long. So at first, we looked into adopting an older child through our state. And I also told everyone that I knew that we wanted to adopt.

Part way through the parenting class through the state, we heard about a child, not yet born, who needed a home. My heart leapt with joy. We would be parents to an infant after all.

We brought our baby home from the hospital three days after she was born.

What is your relationship to a birth mom?

Again a special thank you to birth moms.

But also, a thank you to women who have made the other choice.

Sometimes it is hard to make a decision that seems to go against what others and/or society may want, or think that they want. But it is still your decision. It is yourself that you live with forever, not them. So make the decision that is right for you. I will still respect you too.

Updated: 06/27/2013, CherylsArt
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