Thanksgiving Greeting Cards

by dustytoes

Send a Thanksgiving card through the mail, or digitally to keep in touch at the big family holiday.

Thanksgiving greeting cards with templates are easy to customize with your choice of greeting and message. Select a favorite design and use the templates to personalize. With the download option, a card can be sent out online the day of the holiday. All designs are also available as printed cards to mail. Each product is created special for the customer, so make sure printed cards are ordered ahead of time.

Choose a traditional, folded card, a flat card, or a postcard. Every type of paper is easy to personalize. A postcard will require less postage. Folded and flat paper can be shared online using the download purchase.

Red Leaves Postcards for a Happy Thanksgiving

Send a Thanksgiving holiday greeting that is easy and affordable.
Red Leaves Thanksgiving Postcards
Red Leaves Thanksgiving Postcards

Downloadable Folded Greeting Cards

Buy the printed version, or as an instant download to share digitally.

With the new instant download option, cards can be purchased on the day of the holiday and sent out immediately.  This option is perfect for the busy person who has no time to buy, write, and mail out cards.  It's a great addition to the holiday products in the store.

See more about how to use the instant download option at the Zazzle site.  Just click on any product on this page.

Sample message on the red leaves folded card is, "Thinking of you and sending wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving Day".  Plus a line for a signature.

The folded mums card, with photo template inside has a sample message that is, "Wish we could be together today, but know that we are thinking of you with love in our hearts."

Bright Foliage, or Pretty Mums Folded Thanksgiving Message Card

These cards can also be downloaded to share online.
Thanksgiving Red Leaves Greeting Card
Thanksgiving Red Leaves Greeting Card
Autumn Bouquet of Mums Custom Message Card
Autumn Bouquet of Mums Custom Message...

Downloadable Thanksgiving Flat Cards

Simple greetings with Autumn leaves and pumpkins.

We offer a couple of very simple flat cards to either download or buy printed.  These cards have bright and colorful foliage designs and custom text.

Fall Themed Cards

Can be purchased as instant downloads. See more on each product page.
Fall Leaves Flat Thanksgiving Greeting
Fall Leaves Flat Thanksgiving Greeting
Sunflower Pumpkins Fall Greeting Card
Sunflower Pumpkins Fall Greeting Card

Across the Miles

With families spread out across the country, many people are not able to have big Thanksgiving Dinner gatherings.  For that reason, sending a personal greeting can help take the place of being there.

Thanksgiving Photo Cards

Customize with text and photos.
Double Folded Thanksgiving Photo Greeting Card
Double Folded Thanksgiving Photo Gree...

Multi-photo Thanksgiving Cards

Share a bunch of pictures along with your greeting.

Share a bunch of photos when wishing friends and family a "Happy Thanksgiving".  These cards have Fall designs and colors with five photo templates.  Upload photos that match the orientation of the sample image for best fit.

Photo Template Thanksgiving Cards

Choose the download option on these if you prefer.
Sunflowers Five-photo Thanksgiving Card
Sunflowers Five-photo Thanksgiving Card
Photo Collage Fall Leaves Thanksgiving Greeting Card
Photo Collage Fall Leaves Thanksgivin...

Friendsgiving Celebrations

For those who celebrate Thanksgiving with friends.

For those of us with a lack of family close by, Thanksgiving is sometimes spent with friends.  The holiday is then referred to as Friendsgiving.  

When relatives are distant, but a turkey feast is still a must, gathering friends and neighbors who will pull together an awesome meal can be an awesome event.

A Thanksgiving meal always tastes better when many cooks combine their expertise.  And the work is less too!  There is a collection of items in my store, with invitations, greeting cards and paper goods for those planning a Friendsgiving.

The Friendsgiving Collection

Or, substitute "Thanksgiving" and use for the normal holiday.
Friendsgiving (or Thanksgiving) Collection
Friendsgiving (or Thanksgiving) Colle...
Updated: 10/05/2023, dustytoes
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dustytoes on 10/18/2023

Sure! Thanksgiving could also be a luau. Why not?

DerdriuMarriner on 10/18/2023

This and your luau wizzley are so timely!

Might it not be possible to adjust Friends- and Thanks-giving cards and plans to a luau happening?

The Hawaiian luau operates from an ohana ("family" as that into which you're born and that which you make with your friends) context.

And your luau wizzley pushes me toward a thankful November get-together what with all the attractive orange colors in your suggestions and what with the amiability of turkey to all sorts of preparations, such as luau-like camp-firing and grilling!

DerdriuMarriner on 10/16/2023

Boar's Head distributes their hummus products through all area Kroger stores. Their tasting hours there got my attention because one hostess in particular notices when the deli gets lots of business. She moves seamlessly between hosting the sample table and slicing Boar's Head meat so that the deli employees can attend to all other orders.

So I pondered sampling even as I tend toward my shopping list, not things extraneous.

Boar's Head presents such non-traditional hummus -- which I ordinarily would pass by since I tend to be a stickler about ethnic foods authentically presented outside their culture -- as apple pie (which I missed, because in the spring months before I sampled this fall) and chocolate (year-round, so I sampled) and pumpkin pie (fall months, so I sampled and like competitively with the chocolate).

So I wonder whether or not to serve the pumpkin-pie hummus as part of Thanksgiving fare.

What would you think if you were at a Friends- or Thanks-giving dinner that was basically traditional but that served a pie shell with pumpkin-pie hummus in it instead of an actual pumpkin pie?

DerdriuMarriner on 10/09/2023

Hawaiian culture appreciates ohana as a birth family, a created family of friends or a mixed family of members by birth and by extension (such as acquaintances and such as non-nuclear family relatives).

The three Hawaii-related television series choose, with few exceptions, more a family created alternatively to birth -- in other words, all friends -- than one by birth.

Does Friendsgiving fit into a similar kind of configuration? Might it be a get-together of all-friends or might it be a get-together of predominantly friends, but sometimes scaterredly, sporadically augmented by family members albeit in the minority in terms of total numbers?

(Or must no family member ever overlap in Friendsgiving arrangements? ;-D)

dustytoes on 10/07/2023

As far as I know it's Thanksgiving, but with friends instead of family. So the same, just without an all family meal and gathering.

DerdriuMarriner on 10/07/2023

This is a bit related, a bit unrelated but the traditions being established with Friendsgiving intrigue me.

Might Friendsgiving activities, meals and schedules similarize those of Thanksgiving? Or might there be obvious or subtle differences that support giving the thankful get-together a different name?

DerdriuMarriner on 10/05/2023

Thank you!

Exact arrival appeals to me in regard to online cards. In fact, I appreciate sending greetings out that will be received the eve of a holiday, such as Valentine eve, Easter eve, Memorial Day eve, July 4th eve, Labor Day eve, Halloween eve (;-D), Thanksgiving eve, Christmas eve and New Year's Day eve.

Online cards assure me of that even as the postal service -- as much as its longevity attracts me -- augurs imprecise delivery times, particularly regarding post offices that avail themselves of a trucking service to the central disbursing facility across the border (where it gets resorted and then sent back to where it came from, to be delivered chez moi!).

dustytoes on 10/04/2023

Hi, thanks for the comment DerdriuMarriner. Zazzle now offers this downloadable option and I'll admit I am not super familiar with downloads. But, once you buy the card, it's yours to do as you wish (except sell the design as your own) so yes, once you buy the download, you could send it out whenever you wish - Thanksgiving Eve!

DerdriuMarriner on 10/04/2023

The computer crashed before I completed my comment concerning arrival dates of online cards.

Must online cards be receivable by the sendee only the day that the sender orders them?

DerdriuMarriner on 10/04/2023

The online versions of holiday cards are becoming ever more competitive with traditional formats.

In particular, it's quite compelling the way the sender has control over the arrival date of an online card to the sendee.

Might it be possible to choose the online card and customize the date to a specific day, such as Thanksgiving Eve (a date that appeals to me ;-D)?

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