The Best Way to Say You Are Sorry

by katiem2

It is to your advantage to learn how to say you are sorry in a way that will impress anyone. Learn the best way to say you are sorry and impress anyone.

Why Say I'm Sorry - Learning the art of saying I'm sorry is not only good for the person your apologizing to but good for you as well. People aren't impressed with a self absorbed person, if you don't learn to apologize when need be you may be thought of as a self absorbed person.

Further more, you will be considered a person who thinks primarily about themselves, this is never a good way to impress another person. Fact is we all need, and most often want to impress others making them like or accept us.

The Most Impressive I'm Sorry

The best way to impress someone is to first be impressed with them

Whether it be in business or personal life we need the approval of others to enjoy success in what ever the goal of our human interactions may be.  The best thing we can do to achieve this is by being more considerate of others, validating them.  The most powerful thing we can do to get an A+ in this area is to apologize and apologize more often.

That's it, the most important thing about saying I'm sorry is doing it when needed, stop avoiding it or putting it off.  The most common reason we don't say I'm sorry is the hope others won't notice our behavior, just over look it.  It may sound silly but it's true. Think about it, when's the last time you said you were sorry?  

More to the point, when was the last time you know you should have said it but let it slide?   Others will be impressed with your humility, noting you as a person who is both considerate and trust worthy.  

Please forgive me if I've stepped on any toes or struck a nerve or two, it is merely my intent to help and if I've said anything to make you feel other wise I sincerely apologize.  Feel better?  

How to Say I Am Sorry

When saying you're sorry it needs to be heart felt.

 In addition to saying I'm sorry more than you currently do you must learn to say I'm sorry in a more sincere way.  The standard weak, I'm sorry, is just not acceptable if you truly want to be both effective and impressive.

To get started say you're sorry when you may not think it's necessary. Remember the apology I left above, normally a writer may not do this while in fact there was an opportunity to apologize regardless of the actual necessity for it.  

The apology made many readers feel better and not as if I'm some know it all calling folks out in judgement.  Do you get the point, see the picture clearly now?

The best way to say I'm sorry is to just do it.  I'm providing you with a standard apology I use.  I'm a naturally polite and kind person who, since birth, feels others feelings deeply, I'm sensitive to feelings and like to uplift people.  

I've found this is to my advantage as well the people encountering me.  I've gotten such positive feedback from my apologies and decided I should share it with others who want to be kinder more receptive people. You may use it as is or alter it a bit depending on the person and situation, as I did earlier in this article.

The Apology 

Please forgive me for anything I may have said or done that hurt you, I would never do anything to hurt you, if I did please forgive me I value you greatly and would never do anything to prove other wise.

The Edited Version

I seem to have said something other than what I intended, please forgive me if I've said something to make you feel bad, that was not my intent, I may have conveyed myself wrong and would never say anything to make you feel bad.

My Personal Apology - I use this one for my kids, you will be amazed at the change in the relationship with your child, tween or teen once they realize you value them and admit you yourself are not all knowing and perfect yet just simply trying to be the best Mom or Dad you can be.

Please forgive me if I've said or done anything to hurt you, I love you and value you so much I would never say or do anything to hurt or upset you, please forgive me if I did.

My daughters melt each and every time I say this, it ends with lots of hugs and I love you's Mom your the greatest! 

You get the idea right?  An apology is an opportunity to send a very powerful message about who you are.  What imagine do you intend to project about who you are, a thoughtful considerate successful person or a self absorbed jerk?


Updated: 08/21/2012, katiem2
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katiem2 on 01/17/2013

Thanks Clark, I agree

Clark on 01/17/2013

Awwwww everybody needs to learn this lesson.

katiem2 on 02/01/2012

Angel, Its a good habit to start. I find the most powerful apologies are those we give our kids. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Angel on 02/01/2012

Katie - This is so hard to do sometimes. I am usually the first one to admit when I am wrong and apologize. My husband has a hard time with it. So I usually do it first to let the walls down. It makes me feel so much better when I can admit that I have thought about things and maybe I was wrong about them. Great page.

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