The Easy Way To Wash A Car

by CRfan

There are just a few simple steps, and tools you need to wash your car.

If you enjoy a clean car and don't want it to take forever then this guide is for you. When I used to detail cars we used a really easy system to get the cars clean and prepped for wax.

Tools Needed

1) Orange Blast - by Greased Lightning, you can get this versatile cleaner at Wal-Mart in the automotive section. Buy the big jug, you can use it for cleaning just about anything.

2) An empty spray bottle

3) Car wash sponge - any type will do, just make sure it's clean and free of dirt

4) The Absorber - the best "shammy" out there, period. You can run it through the washer hundreds of times and it still works great.


The first thing to do is dilute the Orange Blast in the empty spray bottle. I prefer a 5:1 ratio of water to Orange Blast. Don't use the Blast straight on the car, it's too strong.

Make sure your Absorber is wet before you go to wash your car. If it's the first time using a new Absorber, run it through the washing machine.

Start by spraying the really dirty parts of the car with your mixture. The parts I always spray down first are: the wheels, the side mirrors, the front bumper and behind the back wheels. If the whole car is flat-out dirty I will use the cleaner all over.

Let the cleaner work for a couple minutes and then wash your car as normal, starting with the roof and working your way down paying special attention to the parts you sprayed with the mixture. Often this will get most of the dirt off by itself. If some spots still need some attention that's what the sponge or mitt is for.


When you have everything rinsed off take out your absorber and dry the car from top to bottom. The Absorber can hold quite a lot of water but wring it out whenever it's full. Finish drying by opening all the doors & trunk/hatch and wiping down the sills and edges.

You can use this system at home in your driveway or at a coin operated wash bay. I live in an apartment so I always go the the wash bays and it costs me $3 or less to wash my car. It's a quick, cheap way to keep your car clean without paying $8 or more dollars for an automated car wash that uses harsh, acidic pre-soaks to get your car clean.

I hope this helps and enjoy your good-looking, shiny car!

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Updated: 06/18/2012, CRfan
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Rose on 06/20/2014

Great advice! My car seems to collect a lot of dirt for some reason.

katiem2 on 06/26/2012

It seems my car is often dirty. My favorite drive through car wash closed to make way for a big shopping giant who's name I shall not mention. I really appreciate the tutorial on the easy way to wash a car, now my car will be clean more often. :)K

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