The How to Hair Removal for Men

by katiem2

Read a girls guide to all over hair removal for men, learn from the pro's how to remove and maintain body hair for a smooth hairless effect. Hair removal question are answered here

The smooth hairless look continues to hold its position as a favorable grooming choice for men. If you're contemplating how to achieve and maintain the proper hair removal there are a few pointers I have to offer. We women do consider ourselves to be pro's when it comes to hair removal. I'm all to happy to share what I've learned to be the best hair removal procedure and maintenance routine. It's no big conclusion that a chick is the perfect go to person for shaving tips when it comes to areas of the body other than the face. We've been doing it for years and have it down to a science. Today I give you a girls guide to all over hair removal.

No Fuss Painless Hair Removal for Men

No Fuss Painless Hair Removal for a Mans Entire Body

Is your body hair an issue you're uncertain about? It has become fashionable for men to take on a smoother hairless look. Personal hair care is simple once you learn the ropes and come to understand the best method of hair removal for the well groomed man. The options are better now than ever. The best and most effective all over hair removal is wax in my opinion. Why? 

Wax Hair Removal - Nad's for Men Hair Removal Strips are easy to use, take little time and create little mess. The end result is no doubt among the smoothest of finishes and last longer.

Remove Body Hair Using Wax Strips

The new wax strips are a very simple and effective way to remove hair all over the body.

Women have been perfecting the waxing procedure for years and years now. The best modification of this very successful hair removal procedure is wax strips. I don't even want to get into the mess and pain women have suffered throughout the years to bring you this fantastic way to wax. The wax strips eliminate the pain, mess and time of waxing in the past. 


How To Remove Hair Using Wax Strips

Using wax strips can leave you smooth for weeks. Now that's something to get excited about.

How To Remove Hair Using Wax Strips

  1. Remove hair with wax strips before showering fresh clean skin makes for a painful process, by doing so before showering the skins natural oils act as protection. 
  2. Use wax strips on short hair.
  3. Lightly shave areas with long hair down to about 1/2' before waxing with strips.
  4. Lay the wax strip on the area you want to remove the hair from and press in place.
  5. Rub it down firmly by stroking your hand along the strip in the direction the hair grows.
  6. Very quickly snap the strip off pulling it in the opposite direction the hair grows the opposite of pressing the strip on. You want to embed the wax into the hair by pressing and smoothing it firmly in the direction the hair grows and remove it the opposite pulling fast and firm in the opposite direction. 
  7. Shower as usual and enjoy the new smooth you for weeks. 


Updated: 11/11/2012, katiem2
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Hair Removal for Men Chat and Tips

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katiem2 on 06/26/2017

DerdriuMarriner, Wax can be used, however it is not for everyone and I advise cold wax, not hot wax, the scalp is such a delicate area where one may experience sensitivity or burning.

DerdriuMarriner on 06/20/2017

katiem2, Does shaving one's head always involve shaving or, for maintenance after the initial shave, can wax strips be used?

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