The Medicine/Sweat Lodge Experience 2

by JannyC

Janny C is back sharing more of the wisdom of the Natives as well as her experience inside a Medicine/ Sweat Lodge.

Learn more about the Native American Sweat Lodge as Freelance Writer Janny C goes back inside the scared Sweat lodge ceremony for a second turn and this one was HOT!

Rule number one about the Medicine/Sweat Lodge. You will sweat!

My first Medicine/Sweat lodge experience was mild sweating wise. In my second turn to go into the Medicine/ Sweat lodge it was time to turn up the heat as I discovered what true meaning of word the SWEAT in sweat lodge meant.  It was all good though and the Shaman conductor always had our well being in mind. If at all we wanted to leave we could.

Bruce Whitewolf was the Shaman and conductor of the Medicine lodge as well as the Shaman conductor of my first Medicine Sweat lodge experience.  Mr. Whitewolf always makes sure you are taken care of by reminding you to take care of self first so if you ever need a time out moment it is okay. It is not a sign of weakness anymore. For how can we be of any good to others if we are not in a good place ourselves.

As for the experience it will be different every time I knew this. I was excited though to see what my experience would be as a second timer that was for sure.

 In my first experience it was for physical healing which happened to be in the guise of emotional healing. Little did I know that 90% of the pain and health issues I was having was result in a lot of emotional baggage I did not want to deal with.  The end results was I came out re-energized my physical pain was lessen by 10 folds.

In this my second Medicine/Sweat Lodge I went in for emotional healing. The results were like I truly had rebirth. Mind you this is great for it is the whole meaning behind the sweat lodge. You see the  Medicine lodge is  to be a representation the womb of mother earth. When we exit the sweat lodge we are to come out reborn. I really DID feel reborn for it was like my legs were jelly, and I was learning to walk again once I came out. Once I was to my feet I was okay so no worries if this happens to you the feeling is only momentary I can confirm. I did once again feel re-energized and full of hope, determination to take on what life wanted to throw at me next.

Afterwards there  is always a  feast of good food too ( There was a feast at my first sweat lodge experience too.) This is to shows love of community for we are all related. We are all family.

Read my first article on my very first experience

An inside look into the sacred Native American Medicine/Sweat Lodge
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Updated: 05/01/2012, JannyC
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The Medicine/Sweat Lodge Experience

An inside look into the sacred Native American Medicine/Sweat Lodge

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