The Surprising Benefits of Learning How to Play Piano

by Dustinius

For many, learning an instrument can be challenging. However, learning has many benefits and new technology has made it a lot easier to learn.

Learning to play the piano is a dream in many households. Parents want to give their children the gift of understanding music, while adults often wish that they'd had the chance to learn an instrument themselves. Most people don't follow through on the idea, though, out of concern that it'll be too expensive or inconvenient to schedule lessons. If you take a closer look, though, you'll find that learning to play a piano is not only a great use of your time, but also a lot easier to arrange than you probably ever imagined.

Think and Feel Better

Children benefit tremendously from learning to play an instrument. Studies have shown that kids who were put into a music program for a school year gained more IQ points than their peers who spent the same amount of time in a drama program. At the same time, they get the opportunity to develop the discipline it takes to practice, and to learn about how putting in small amounts of effort every day can lead to becoming very good at a new skill.

The benefits of learning an instrument don't stop at adulthood, though. Experiments show that adults who spend time learning a new skill experience cognitive gains as well, particularly when they're working on something that offers a complex challenge. The typical adult who spends time trying to learn to play the piano is less likely to develop symptoms of dementia. It can also be a great way to give yourself an emotional boost if you feel like other aspects of your life are stalled and you haven't been growing or improving.

Innovative Technologies

What puts these benefits within reach for almost anyone is the fact that it is now possible to find innovative piano learning software that makes it easy to take online piano lessons. Software programs like Playground Sessions, have the functionality to be able to walk you through new skills and elements of music theory. These new technologies allow more flexibility in schedules because it is now possible to learn from your own own home and on your own schedule. Through interactive music lessons, skilled piano instructors like David Sides, who who gained his fame on YouTube, can now teach many others how to play.

David Sides Playing Piano
David Sides Playing Piano

David Sides Performs a Cover of Halo by Beyonce

Learning is More Convenient and Fun

If you learn to play piano online, the process is both more convenient and more fun. You can schedule your practice sessions for any time that you want, without worrying about setting something up with a teacher. Going through the lessons while you learn to play piano online, is also a lot more comfortable because you don't have to worry about being judged by a human. It's just a computer program that tracks what you're doing and lets you know when you make mistakes. It's infinitely patient, and a great way to build up your skills and confidence before you play in front of anyone else.

Updated: 02/10/2015, Dustinius
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