This Last Cold Spell Must be Blackberry Winter

by samsons1

In “This Last Cold Spell Must be Blackberry Winter” I again relate to our local custom of ‘weather prognosticating’ the particular cold spell being experienced at a given time in t

Now that was a real ‘knee slapper’ if I ever heard one. I even got out of my easy chair and went over to ring up my neighbor Charlie on the phone just to ask him if he had caught the evening news and particularly the weather report on channel 11…

Almost caught us by surprise...

Even though we were waiting for its arrival, it almost caught us by surprise. I mean upper 70s or 80s for two weeks and then all of a sudden it's in the lower 50s for a high and plunging to around freezing at night; someone must surmise there has been a drastic change in the weather. Like I’ve mentioned in some of my other writings, there are generally three cold spells during the spring time before the temperatures settled down and we can at last anticipate a more stable weather pattern in the foothills and mountains of East Tennessee. Let's recall; we’ve had Redbud Winter, while the Redbud was blooming and then Dogwood Winter around Easter time as the dogwood was blooming, so, this cold spell must be Blackberry Winter, because the blackberry vine is now in bloom. Hey! I think even the outsiders are finally catching on.

watch the thorns...

blackberry vines

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Does your area experience weather fluctuations in the Spring?

Upper East Tennessee

While living in an area somewhat in between the North and the South, upper East Tennessee is trans-versed often by those traveling in both directions.  And often, after such travel, some of those that have journeyed through ultimately decide to settle down in our little section of the country.  Having suitable weather attributes for year-round living, not unbearably hot in the summer nor treacherously cold in the winter this area I call home now also houses many ‘transplants’ from both the North and the South, that not only like our mild temperatures but also our customs and our easy ways of living. One of her most treasured assets is our friendliness especially to strangers and might I also add our Southern hospitality. Why you just couple those things together with a friendly smile and a kind word and you quickly make a mental note; they just do things differently here than they do back home.


blackberry vines
blackberry vines

Redbud then Dogwood then Blackberry...

Let's see now by adding up what cold spells we've already had, and realizing that spring is just around the corner, and noticing those buds and blooms on the blackberry vine the other day I think it's safe to assume that this is indeed Blackberry Winter. Even the weatherman on the local TV stations are beginning to get it right for a change. They have been totally unaware that they were the subject of much analysis and humor by us locals as we watched and commented on their inability to pick up on our ways and customs of deciphering nature and the weather around us by giving a name to the particular cold spell we were experiencing at the time. Like I mentioned before, we usually experience at least three good cold spells after the air starts to warm in the early spring in this lower mountain community. And I must admit that it has been rather humorous at times noticing one of those transplanted weathermen becoming tongue-tied during the local news broadcast by saying "let's see, is this one the Dogwood are the Blackberry Winter? Or, do they ever have two Redbud Winters in a given year because I’ve noticed the Redbud is still in bloom?"

Now that was a real ‘knee slapper’ if I ever heard one. I even got out of my easy chair and went over to ring up my neighbor Charlie on the phone just to ask him if he had caught the evening news and particularly the weather report on channel 11…

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Updated: 04/25/2012, samsons1
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