Time Line - Facebook love it or loath it

by poshcoffeeco

This article talks about the new Timeline view which is now taking effect on Facebook.

What is Timeline

Who does it affect

The new Timeline changes which are now being rolled out on Facebook pages is causing a bit of a stir. I noticed it on someone's page yesterday and loved the look of it immediately.

So I made a start on changing my page by clicking the Timeline link and configuring my page.

It was done in seconds and it looks amazing.

Then I sent out the link around my friends and the comments started coming in. I could not believe the negativity. We live in a changing world and a technological society. Why on earth should all hell break loose before anyone has looked into what he thing can do for them.

I was getting comments back about people they know who have set it up and don't like it and how other sites have had it and it never worked.

For god's sake people get a grip and understand that things get better and better as technology gets better. Stop sticking your head in the ground in the hope that it will pass you by. Let me tell you it doesn't work like that and life is not like that.

In this game you have to develop with the developments or get left behind. If that is what you want then ignore new developments find a corner somewhere and die.

If you are not learning something new everyday in this life I am afraid you have died.

This going to change whether you like it or not so my advice is make the change yourself now by searching for' Get Timeline' button on Facebook and follow the instructions.

I Found It Easy

Will you?

As the title suggests when I changed my page to Timeline it went like a dream and it should do for you if you grasp the concept.

I cannot stress enough that the changes it makes is more than worth the little bit of initial inconvenience it may cause.

If you are still not convinced take the tour or check out a friends page who already has Timeline set up.

The biggest message I am trying to portray here is that change is good. It means that we are making progress. Further improvements will then be made as a result of this I am sure.

poshcoffeeco on Facebook

Meet poshcoffeeco
Meet poshcoffeeco

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Take The Plunge Today

Good luck everybody

I hope you have enjoyed my first article here on Wizzley. It is a brilliant platform for writing and produces stunning looking articles.

All that remains is to say good luck with the Facebook changes and don't forget to visit me on Facebook ( click the link above)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/bloghubber

Hub Pages: http://poshcoffeeco.hubpages.com

Hope to see you around the sites very soon



poshcoffeeco a.k.a Steve Mitchell


Updated: 12/29/2011, poshcoffeeco
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VictoriaLynn on 07/30/2012

I know we have to go with the flow, but I don't think that just because there's new technology, that means it's better. Timeline makes for a messy page with the two columns. The posts aren't in order. I see what you're saying about people resisting change, which I don't if it's a positive one. I still hate timeline! No offense. Just sayin!

terrilorah on 04/12/2012

Rule of thumb: go with the flow but some times I just don't want to :)

RealHousewife on 04/01/2012

Doesn't it always seem like people are so resistant to change with things like this? It's like - great now we have to learn another thing! Lol.

poshcoffeeco on 01/01/2012

Othercat I am glad you like the timeline. I agree it is much easier to navigate.
Thanks for commenting.

poshcoffeeco on 01/01/2012

Broken Dreamer if you click this link you should get the button to click on

Let me know if you have any problems.
Thanks for reading and enjoying.

Othercat on 12/31/2011

I absolutely love the new timeline! It's so much easier to navigate and the landscape picture makes it look better. I do wish they would stop trying to publicize every single thing in our lives though.

Broken_Dreamer01 on 12/31/2011

Umm... I feel a little stupid, but where is the time line button?

Broken_Dreamer01 on 12/31/2011

Welcome to Wizzley! I like this article. I neither love nor loath the changes... I just try to do the best I can to keep up! LOL

poshcoffeeco on 12/31/2011

Katiem2 It is great to meet you and thanks for commenting.I am glad you enjoyed it. Hope to see you around.

katiem2 on 12/30/2011

I love facebook, changes, meh they happen in my line of work all the time. I just learn to roll with the changes such as the time line facebook change so I don't love it or loath it, but I do love facebook, great article, thanks for the refreshing post. Katie

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