Tips For Pool Cleaning In Florida

by MamaTeresa

Ok, if you live in Florida you either have a pool or want a pool, am I right? I will give you some tips today on how to keep your pool so clean you can't resist plunging in.

One of the benefits of owning your own pool is that you can use it anytime you want to, thus not having to drive in the car, pay to enter and swim with a group of strangers.  You also get a lot of enjoyment viewing the pool from your house window or lounging by it on your patio table and chair set.

There is only one problem with owning a pool in your own back yard.  What do you say is the problem?  Well, you have to clean it or pay a service to come and clean it for you.  Should you ignore it, soon you will find a family of frogs and tadpoles have moved in.  It will turn green and slimy and you won't want to even see it. 

It can not be just looked and swam in and forgotten.  Someone has to clean and maintain it on a weekly basis.  Even if it is unused it will soon become unfit to swim in.  In Florida most pools are covered with a screened lanai, so this will keep the leaves from blowing into it, that is one problem solved.  You must put chemicals in the pool and use the pool pump which keeps the pool water clean from bacteria.

We all want to swim in clean water, nobody wants to swim with the frogs.  If you do not have a pool enclosure, you might consider a pool cover for it.  A pool cover will keep the leaves and backyard debris from entering your pool.

Now that you have done what you can as preventative maintenance, it time to get down to the work.  Use your pool brush to clean the algae and dirt off the sides and bottom of the pool.  You must cover every area, including the steps.  You will need to use pool chemicals while you are brushing down the pool.

There are a couple strainers in each pool, these need to be cleaned of debris.  You will need  to rinse the pool filter as needed.  Also these need to be replaced when they get worn out.  The filter plays a major part in keeping your pool clean.  If you do not have a automatic pool sweet you will have to manually vacuum the pool.

So hopefully the above tips were useful.

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Updated: 07/21/2012, MamaTeresa
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