Tips To Overcome The Addiction Of Playing Online Games

by VioletteRose

Many of us love to play online games which can be very addictive over time. Here are some tips that helped me to overcome the obsession with games.

Online games are very addictive, especially when they are free and when you are tempted to play them all the day. This happened to me years back when I was in college. I never played any game that required monetary investments, thanks I didn't have that much money with me, but this surely took away a lot of valuable time and put a lot of unnecessary stress in me. Gradually I overcame this addiction naturally and with the help of some rules that I set myself, even though I have to admit I still love playing the games. The love for games may not completely go away from you, but here are some practical tips and rules that I followed, which helped me in the long run to overcome the games addiction.

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I hope the below tips can be helpful to all those who love games, as they are not just for those who are addicted to playing online games that are free. If you have the habit of investing money for casino games, or if you are addicted to playing the video games that you can download or purchase online, then also it will be good for you if you can set the limits and follow rules so that your habits won't affect your social life and take away your precious time.

Here you can read the tips that helped me!

1. If you have an addiction to playing games, which take away your precious time, first

    admit yourself that you are addicted to playing the games. If you deny to admit that you have

    an addiction, you may not be able to focus on the solutions.

2. Set aside some time to play the games.

Actually, it is quite difficult to stop playing the games altogether. Also playing them for a while can be good for you, as it can be lot of fun. Just make sure that you only play for the time allowed. You can use a timer, and stop playing once the time is over.

3. Ask for help if you need. There is nothing wrong with your family or friends knowing that you are addicted to playing the games and you need their support.

4. Engage in other activities more, especially hobbies that you love, like reading, gardening etc.

5. If you really love playing games, try to spend some time playing the real outdoor or indoor games with your family or friends.

This will help you bond with your family and it is also healthy for you both physically and mentally. Spending too much time for games in the virtual world can actually have a negative impact on your life, as that will reduce your family time. But playing the real games with your loved ones can help you improve your relations and social life.

6. If you are a student wasting your precious time in front of the computer just for playing games, set a rule that you will only play the game for a couple of hours a day, after finishing your work.

Make sure that you play the games only if you finish your assigned home works and other tasks.

The biggest trap that I have fallen into is that once you win or lose, you get the temptation to play the games again and again.

If you win, that makes you more confident and you will be tempted to play more and more hoping for a higher score. Actually this temptation to continue with the games is the biggest issue.

If you lose, then also you will want to play again hoping to remake for the lost score.

Every time, you just believe that you will win and you continue to play until you lose all your time and effort.

Consequently you can't stop playing the games whether you win or lose.

If you are going through this problem, it will be helpful if you first understand and accept certain facts about the online games. Most of the games that you play are automated, unless you directly compete with other players, and so there is a bigger chance of losing the game. You might actually win a few times, but that will not happen all the times.

If you are just playing for the fun of it, isn't it better to set the timer and follow it strictly, rather than hoping you will win the next time?

If you are putting your money to play the casino games, it is gambling which is much more a serious issue. In my opinion, It is always best to stay away from investing money to gamble. If you decide to invest your money, know that there is a higher chance of losing the entire money. Chances are that even if you win a few times, you will finally lose all the money you have invested. In brief, be ready to lose the entire money you are investing, if you decide to gamble. Never hope that you will gain anything financially from it. Just think that you are spending the money to play the games for fun, whatever the amount is. I really hope a little effort and awareness can help you stop yourself from putting your money into playing games.

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Games are meant for fun and entertainment, atleast for those who love to play them. It is therefore very important that you do not allow your obsession for games to take control of your life. If you can take control of your interests, hobbies and life, then engaging in the games will really be fun and relaxing.

Enjoy the world of games without being addicted to them!

Updated: 02/02/2015, VioletteRose
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