Top 5 Foods Most Harmful For Your Heart Health

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While pizza, meat and fast food are often delicious, they are some of the foods that make you more harm to the health of your heart. Look what foods make up this list.

In the United States alone, more than 2,150 people die from heart disease every day, making it the number one cause of death in both men and women, according to American Heart Association. Thus, it is obvious that caring about our heart health must be a priority. As our diet is one the major factors, it is important to be aware of the foods that make more harm to heart health, either because of the quantity or quality of fat, cholesterol and salt.

Grilled Hot Dogs
Grilled Hot Dogs
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Processed meat

It is tasty and easy to prepare. However, processed meat such as hot dogs, bacon and sausages can be very harmful to our heart health. These food products are made ​​with high doses of sodium and preservatives and often include nitrates and nitrites, substances that have been associated with the occurrence of heart problems. It also contains large amounts of saturated fat and less protein than any other meat. On the other hand, the consumption of these products would increase the risk of diabetes and pancreatic cancer, according to studies. 

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Red meat

Avoiding processed meat does not mean abusing red meat. They still have high amounts of saturated fats and are high in cholesterol. Better consider them as a prize in your diet. If you are not willing to let meat altogether, at least reduce their intake. You shall make a huge benefit to your body and the environment.

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Only one slice can contain up to 2/3 the recommended limit of saturated fat. If you still want to eat pizza occasionally, try to avoid that extra of cheese, bacon and salami and had better ask for vegetables. Most importantly, stay away from industrial pizzas like frozen pizza, because it is very difficult to know what kind of fats have been used for processing. Prefer homemade pizza so that you can be sure of the quality and quantity of ingredients.

Cream pie
Cream pie
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Trans fats

These fatty acids are found in most processed to last longer and because they make food production easy. However, trans fats raise bad cholesterol and lower the good cholesterol. To avoid this, look for foods that are marked "trans fat free".

Fried chicken
Fried chicken
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Fried foods

Restaurants fry foods in the same oil again and again, making them more and more saturated. And even if they don't, fried foods like chicken and potatoes contain an enormous amount of fat. Try to avoid these foods, unless they are fried in vegetable oils such as olive.

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