Tropical Destination Wedding Invitations

by dustytoes

A destination wedding promises fun and excitement and requires a special invitation to portray that theme.

Destination weddings can take place anywhere away from where the bride and groom normally live. Tropical destination events are very popular, and it's the focus of this page. I've included pictures of tropical locations and invitations to match the theme. I hope this will help couples decide on which stationery they like best.

Asking guests to attend such a special event requires a special invitation, or invitation suite.
The wedding guests will need to have much more information than a simple local wedding that lasts only a few hours. Guests will need to plan on spending a few days, or more, at the location. Planning is a little different for this type of occasion and the invitations can be as well. On this page you'll find samples of the modern Passport and Ticket style stationery, as well as more traditional sea life and tropical flowers.

Tropical Beach Destination Wedding

All over the world couples are planning their tropical, beach destination wedding. There must be thousands of places to chose from, and it depends on where you reside as to where you choose to wed.

For those of us living in America, when we think tropical beach destination wedding, we may think of Hawaii and Florida if we want to stay within the country.  Also, not so far away, we find the Bahamas, Jamaica and the Virgin Islands.

Traveling outside of the country requires couples to become familiar with requirements to carry out a wedding.  It may be more confusing and more involved.

For Americans who want an island wedding, but can't travel the distance to Hawaii, Florida offers it's own island paradise.  Find lovely beaches along a string of islands - the Florida Keys - which extend out into the Gulf of Mexico.  In fact the entire state has miles of beaches with hotels ready to help plan your beach wedding.

Google your preferred location and then read the reviews to select the place that is right for you.  Remember to take hurricane season into consideration.  August and September are the most active months, but the season runs from June to November.


Shoes and Champagne
Shoes and Champagne
Outdoor wedding table
Outdoor wedding table
Ocean backdrop at a beach wedding ceremony
Ocean backdrop at a beach wedding cer...

Greet Traveling Wedding Guests With a Favor Bag

Fill bags with goodies relating to the wedding event location.
Custom Welcome Bags
Custom Welcome Bags

Sandpiper Wedding

Custom beach wedding designer stationery.

I have been creating custom wedding stationery with a beach / tropical theme for many years.  I work in association with Zazzle, which means I design the images and put them onto products, which the Zazzle company then prints and ships.

My designs are unique and I use many of my own photography images to create realistic floral and seashell designs.  Because I live in Florida, I have seashells, starfish and sand dollars collected from the beaches, which I photograph and then use when designing.  This type of artwork assures my customers of buying wedding stationery that is unique.

The products are made with text templates that contain sample text for you to replace with your own.  I am also available to help with any changes in the design, such as colors, added text, font changes, etc.  

On this page I have listed some of my popular wedding designs.  Just click on each image to see the entire collection at my online store.

Shop at Sandpiper Wedding for Custom Beach Wedding Stationery

We offer many unique designs with matching items, to announce, invite and thank guests.
Sandpiper Wedding at Zazzle
Sandpiper Wedding at Zazzle

Getting married in Hawaii

Destination: Hawaiian Island Wedding!
Photo credit: Pixabay

Hawaiian Native Flowers and Pineapples Design

Welcome the wedding guests
Welcome the wedding guests

Stationary with Hawaiian flowers.

Plumeria, hibiscus, and bird-of-paradise are just a few of the gorgeous flowers from the tropics.

Hawaiian flowers are stunning and exotic.  Certain species will only survive in a tropical climate and therefore make the perfect addition to an Island wedding.  Orchids and plumeria (frangipani) are often used to make flower leis.  They are also used in the bride's bouquet.  The bird-of-paradise cannot be overlooked for it's unique addition to centerpiece arrangements as well as bridal party bouquets.

All the flowers that fit so well at a tropical destination wedding can be found printed on quality paper.  Invitation suites can contain lovely renditions, in realistic photography, artwork and graphic designs.  Stationery designers can make all types of items to match your preferred image.

Plumeria Flourish

White Wedding Flowers
White Wedding Flowers

Hawaiian Plumeria Wedding in Pink

Pink Plumeria
Pink Plumeria

Getting Married in the Florida Keys

Getting married in the Florida Keys would be sweet!  The Keys are a string of islands extending out from the south Florida mainland.  Key West is the furthest away and can be reached by car, boat or plane.  There is an international airport on Key West so guests can easily fly in.

The drive from the mainland all the way to the end of the road will take approximately two hours and is 113 miles.  A cruise ship can dock at Key West, if the couple marries at sea and would like to visit the islands.

From Key Largo to Key West, there are many wedding venues for the bride and groom to discover.

I have written a post about Planning a Key Largo Florida wedding.

Custom Wedding Welcome Bags for a Key Largo Event (Or choose your Florida destination and I'll make it for you.)

Custom bags with a map that pinpoints your event location. Order 10+ bags and receive 5% off the order.
Starfish Bag, with names on the front and date on the back.
Starfish Bag, with names on the front and date on the back.

The Florida Keys

This chain of islands are connected by over 100 miles of road and bridges.

Sunsets in the Keys

In the Keys you will see the most amazing sunsets.  Without any obstructions, the view from the edge of the ocean is quite stunning.  The entire sky turns bright with color as you gaze past the swaying palm trees and enjoy the warm breeze.  For this reason, an evening wedding should be considered if the ceremony will take place anywhere in the Florida Keys.

Key West Sunset

Key West
Key West

Tropical Palm Trees Wedding Design

Island destination wedding paper and gift bags, or weekend welcome for guests.
Palm Trees
Palm Trees

Nature and Sea Life Stationery Designs

Tropical islands are full of beautiful nature.  From the amazing sea life, such as starfish, dolphins and turtles, to the exotic flowers, most engaged couples will incorporate some tropical images when buying wedding invitations.  

Starfish are by far the best-selling designs in my beach wedding stationery store.  The five-legged sea creatures are the perfect choice to represent the couple.

Although we make many different types of starfish invitations, the two sets featured below are most popular with engaged couples.

White Paper With Starfish

Starfish on White
Starfish on White

The Beautiful Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean
The Caribbean

The Beautiful Virgin Islands

Located east of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean Sea

A Caribbean Cruise Wedding Event

Taking a cruise around the islands of the Caribbean sounds like one of the best ways to honeymoon.  Get married on one of the islands, or aboard the ship, and then visit stunning ports of call.  Relax on tropical beaches and lounge poolside on the deck of a ship where everything is provided.

I've never been to the Caribbean, but I'd certainly love to go.  If you live in the United States, cruise out of Miami and enjoy the turquoise waters that surround the little islands.

Or travel and then get married while you stay put in your own little paradise.  Since it's a popular wedding destination, you'll find many places to tie the knot, such as the Sugar Bay Resort and Spa.

A Christmas Wedding in the Tropics

View this collection containing a wide variety of products in this beach wedding theme.
Tropical Christmas Wedding Invitations
Tropical Christmas Wedding Invitations

Real Life Wedding Story in Negril, Jamaica

For a unique way to start your life together, consider a romantic destination wedding on a white sand beach at Couples Swept Away in Negril, Jamaica.

Visit My Blog For More Beach Wedding Information

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CruiseReady on 11/22/2015

Give me a day in the tropics any time! If there's a wedding involved, so much the better! I think lots of people feel the same, and that must be why tropical destination weddings are so popular.

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I've been shoveling too Digby - ouch. My son usually helps but he's sick! The high was 17 degrees. I say we crash a tropical wedding.

Digby_Adams on 02/03/2015

After shoveling snow all day, I would love to be on my way to a wedding in a tropical location!

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