Using About.Me

by Ralpapajan

Showing how one may use About.Me to disseminate information and links about products or ideas. Simple and easy to use.

I have found it difficult to obtain marketing advice about how to sell self-published books so when I do get an idea I like to share this with others. This article shows the steps I have taken so far. This article shows only the first step; although it is relatively new and my other steps preceded it.

In the Beginning...

...setting up the sites in your mind

These are the steps and methods I took to reach the point I am at now. I cannot tell you what to do or how to do it ~ I am not qualified ~ all I can do is to tell you what I did!

As with anything else one must have an idea in mind when one starts to build a Web Page.  About.Me is no exception. I asked myself the following questions. However, being a rank amateur when it comes to building Web Sites and Internet Marketing it took me longer than it should have done! 

Questions established over some months of experimenting

What ~ do I want to accomplish? To let people know who I am and what I do.  To showcase my writing to the world.

When ~ do I wish it to happen? As soon as possible but only after it is complete. 

Why ~ should I use About.Me?  It is free to use and when something is free people tend to use it and try it out.  This means that the exposure should be greater and faster as people get to know about it.

Where ~ will I use the page? This was difficult ~ I could say everywhere but then that is a bit too broad, so I listed the places.  Facebook - my Fan Page on Facebook - Groups on Facebook, especially those attracting the people I believe will be interested in my writing - my Blogs ~ both my personal one and my Book one ~ Wizzley - Twitter - Pinterest - Author's Den (but that didn't work) - My Emails' signatures - other Social and Business connection sites such as Linked in, Stumble Upon and so on.

Who ~ is it to be directed at or to?  Anyone who reads books - my friends and family - my contacts world-wide - Rhodesians and South Africans - Air-Force Personnel 

How ~ do I go about it?  Being inexperienced at this I must admit that I did battle ~ not with the execution but with the design and looks of the page. The site is self-explanatory, even for an amateur such as I.  

The best way to Go About About.Me ~ if you see what I mean ~ is to try it.  Look at others' pages and then have a bash,  I did, I found that it is so easily changed that any errors you might make are easily corrected.

When I was studying (and failing at) Database writing we had a thing called a Switchboard.  I view my About.Me page as this type of device.  Why not visit it and see what you think? I have used GREEN typing on the page for all the links so anything green you click on will take you further.

My "About.Me" Page




Updated: 04/10/2013, Ralpapajan
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katiem2 on 04/11/2013

I think I'm following you now, I created a page, this is a cool tool.

Ralpapajan on 04/11/2013

TYVM Katiem2 ~ kind and encouraging words.

katiem2 on 04/11/2013

You go Ralpapajan, You inspire me! I visited you about me page and it's remarkable. I like it seems like it has great potential. :)K

Ralpapajan on 04/10/2013

TYVM ~ Katie and Caroline. I want to do another on my Wix Page so hopefully I can get that done this week.

katiem2 on 04/10/2013

Great stuff here friend, I appreciate the motivation and inspiration both very vital needs in this business. I'm a fan and imagining the most success and fulfillment possible. :)K

ohcaroline on 04/10/2013

This is an interesting article. I have an page; but honestly I don't know what to do with it. Maybe in time I will be better prepared to answer that question. Thanks for sharing yours. It's a great page.

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