Wall Plate Hangers

by PeggyHazelwood

You have the plates, now you need plate hangers to get those pretty plates up on the wall! Using plates in home decor is a growing trend with large groupings popular for any room.

If you have a collection of plates or just a few that you want to display on the wall, you'll need some way to get them up on the wall. Enter plate hangers.

Wall plate hangers come in several forms. The most common types are wire plate hangers, invisible plate hangers, and decorative vertical and horizontal plate hangers. Find out which ones you want to use to get your plates up on the wall and displayed.

Decorative Plates on the Wall

Use plates in your home decor.
Use plates in your home decor.

Wire Plate Hangers

Fit Around the Outside of the Plate

Back of Wall Plate HangerWire plate hangers are probably the most widely recognized and used plate hangers.

These simple contraptions consist of bent wire grips that fit around the front lip of the plate, and they have springs in back that adjust to the size of the plate.

The wire plate hanger shown here shows how the hanger works. The hanger also has a place for hanging the hanger on a nail (the inverted V portion shown in the middle).

Photo Credit:  Peggy Hazelwood

Wire Plate Hangers

Tried and True Plate Hangers

Vintage Wire Plate Hangers

Decorative Plate Hangers from the Past

Vintage Wire Plate HangerThis vintage wire plate hanger was my mom's.  It has to be at least 50 years old. I just love it!

The small thumbnail photo above shows the matching plate hanger that I also inherited. The plates were included!

Growing up I remember seeing them on the kitchen wall from time to time. She'd swap them out for other pictures then they'd reappear.

The best part of having these plates and hangers, which I really love, by the way, is that they make me smile each time I look at them.

The lusterware plates are old and have lost some of their luster, but they look great in the little corner of my dining room where they now live.

Photo Credit:  Peggy Hazelwood

Vintage Plate Hangers on eBay

Invisible Plate Hangers

Only the Plate Shows

For a cleaner look, invisible plate hangers are the way to go. Like the name says, the hanger portion doesn't show so all you see on your wall is your plate.

This is a great option for creating a close grouping of plates because the nail or other hanging device is behind the plate and hidden out of sight. This method leaves you more space to place many plates in a closer area.

These disc plate holders (shown below) are also a great way to hang and display decorative tiles. The disc is glue to the back of the tile or plate, let dry, then can be hung securely on the wall.



Invisible Plate Hangers for Sale

Decorative Plate Hangers

Vertical Hangers Are Part of the Decor

Decorative plate hangers feature not just the plate but the hanger as well.

Wire hangers and invisible hangers are a more practical, no-nonsense display method. But decorative plate hangers stand out and take up space and beauty on your wall along with the plates you want to display.

All sorts of options are available so cruise around Amazon and take a look. They are called vertical plate rack holders, hanging plate racks, and tier plate rack hangers, to name just a few.

Decorative Hanging Rack

to Display Plates

Do You Hang Plates on Your Walls?

Updated: 06/09/2013, PeggyHazelwood
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Do You Hang Plates on Your Walls?

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PeggyHazelwood on 09/16/2014

They do show off the plates really well without distracting.

Rose on 04/18/2014

I think the invisible plate hangers work best

PeggyHazelwood on 07/06/2013

Thanks, Digby. I like them too (I have two!).

Digby_Adams on 07/06/2013

I have been putting them on my mantle instead of hanging them on my wall. I love that vintage plate hanger that looks like a flower!

PeggyHazelwood on 05/14/2013

Oh, good to know, sheilamarie!

sheilamarie on 05/13/2013

Peggy, I have read that in earlier days, hanging plates on the wall was a symbol of hospitality -- especially in Greece and the Middle East. That's reason enough to be glad of the practice. Thanks for the article!

fitzcharming on 05/13/2013

I just love the flowery vintage plate hanger that your mom gave you. I may have to start checking out plate hangers at the flea market. You never know what I might find.

PeggyHazelwood on 05/06/2013

I love plates in the bedroom. Great way to keep them out and to enjoy them, Paul.

pkmcr on 05/06/2013

We have a collection of plates from my late mother that we have displayed around the dresser which has more of them on!

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