What's A Hashtag

by katiem2

What exactly is a hashtag or what are hashtags in the sense used today in social media. Hashtags are the new 411 on finding what you want.

What Are Hashtags - I keep hearing the question what's a hashtag as the little symbol enjoys a huge leap in popularity. You've no doubt been hearing the catchy phrase hashtag a lot lately. The real question is what exactly is the purpose of this buzz word in the here and now? It's a relatively new and yet not in that it's recently gained in popularity or awareness. It's a new term used in the social media. In general a hashtag is the pound or number symbol on the phone and or key board, now commonly referred to as a hashtag. It looks like this #

Twitter and Hashtags

Twitter is the culprit single handedly bringing hashtags to the forefront of the human language.

It's twitter who now has everyone tossing the term hashtag around. The hashtag popularity was organically created by twitter as a way to categorize tweets or messages if you will. The function of the # placed before a word or phrase is to mark as keywords or topics If you were to click on a word or phrase hashtagged you would see all other tweets in that category. They are used so tweets may be more easily found in a twitter search. The next time you hear your local news anchor mention hashtag something or other, what they mean is search this term and you will find a host of information on that topic.

The Rise in Twitter Use

Twitter is becoming hot and interesting once more getting a second chance of popularity in the social media.

This fresh new buzz word has stimulated both the use and interest in twitter once more. In fact this new buzz has people thinking about twitter who originally rejected it's use. How can people, who weren't originally interested in the use of twitter over look the constant use of the word hashtag. You've got to admit it raises a entirely new conversation about twitter. Twitter has changed it's look and feel. So if your someone who's been scratching your head about all this twitter nonsense and asking, how, why, you may want to take a second look at twitter. It certainly has stood the test of time and evolved into a new creature, hashtag having a great deal to do with it.

How to Use Twitter Hashtags

Using hashtags is really quite simple you do however want to ask yourself if you need to utilize the hashtag.

If you place a hashtag in a tweet before the word or phrase of your choice, on a public account, any other twitter searching for that topic, subject or keyword on twitter can find your tweet. You can place a hashtag any place in a tweet. Cool right?

You should not over use this tool as you may be considered a spammer, no one wants that. The general rule is no more than 3 hashtags per tweet and only use # when relevant to the tweet subject content.

The next time you hear the term hashtag you will know exactly what it means and therefore this phrase will no longer jump out at you. Enjoy both your knowing and your peace!

Best Wishes, Katie

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katiem2 on 06/02/2013

nickupton, Actually you can use hashtags both ways as hashtags have become so commonly used. Some people spam hashtags and that's a no no but if related to the content it's all good.

nickupton on 05/31/2013

Thanks for that. Any hints on what to use as hashtags? Something general or very niche?

katiem2 on 04/02/2012

2uesday, Great glad you're now in the know. Thanks for visiting.

katiem2 on 02/17/2012

SharynsSlant, Yes do be mindful of how many you use, don't want to get a tap from twitter, such a useful tool. Also you will want to note anytime you twitter a link directly from Wizzley they have their own (wizzley) hashtag added. Which is good for all of us.

katiem2 on 02/08/2012

Brenda, You're welcome and thanks for your honesty, I have a feeling many don't know yet, it's just one of those things you hear it and think what? I mean I know what a hashtag is or the pound or number sign is but what's with all the chatter about it. :)

BrendaReeves on 02/08/2012

I did not know this. Thank you for clearing up my ignorance. lol

katiem2 on 02/07/2012

Angel, Good glad to hear it, I hear the question a lot in real life and thought hmmm maybe a good question to address online, glad to answer it.

Angel on 02/07/2012

Thank you. I had that on my list of questions. This article answered it.

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