What Would You Do With Two Extra Hours?

by WordWelder

If you had two extra hours a day, what are some of the things that you would consider doing?

Complaints about not having enough time are not out of the ordinary. In fact, they seem to be the norm. Now, what if you had a couple of extra hours available every single day from now on?

Have you ever thought of what you could do with those extra hours if you had them? Let's take a look at some of the things that you can do with those extra hours. Maybe - just maybe - you can gather enough motivation and discipline to try out one or two. Even without those extra hours in a day.

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Two Hours

The inspiration to this page

I would say that one does not really need much of an inspiration to think of things that one could do if there were two extra hours available each day. After all, hasn't everyone spent some time woolgathering about such a "possibility" and other similar situations? For example, don't tell me that you have not day dreamed about winning the lottery and what you would do if you won!

In any case, for this particular page, there is one specific thing that urged me to write. Sure, I have wished so many times for extra time. That extra hour, that extra day could make a huge difference to my life - that's what I tell myself.

So when I came across this neat little infographic showcasing the results of a survey asking people what they would do if they had two extra hours in a day, I thought it would be a good springboard for a thought-provoking article. For sure, all of us have our own lists, but maybe we can also get inspiration from what others say they would do with their time.

Why don't you take a look at my inspiration before we move on?

What You Could Do With Two Extra Hours

What You Could Do With Two Extra Hours
What You Could Do With Two Extra Hours

What You Could Do

After having gone over the image several times, it was pretty obvious to me that I am not that much different from the people who participated in the survey. Yes, I am part of the group who wants to write a book at some point. That is not totally surprising, as I am a writer after all. Now, you may be in the same boat. You may be writing copy and content on a regular basis to bring home the bacon, but you may have dreams of writing a book one day.

In another sense, I would also like to earn a new degree. While I don't think I would go back to university, I am participating in online courses that I consider to be fun and yet adds to my knowledge as well. Thank God for free services such as Khan Academy and Coursera. Even Stanford offers free online courses! You can find these in the Coursera web site as well. This is something that I think everyone can engage in even without having extra hours in a day. It does not take all that much time, and many of them can be done following your own pace.

How much time do you spend online? The chances are that you spend a considerable amount of time connected to the rest of the world via the Internet. There is nothing wrong with that in itself, but how about doing something more productive while you're at it?

If you write, draw, or engage in any creative activity, here is my suggestion: create something that you can share with likeminded people. Even though you might not reach the entire world and become ultra popular, at least you get some satisfaction out of the fact that others appreciate your work. You can create accounts in various creative platforms and showcase your work. Wizzley is one excellent example for writers! For artists, there is deviantART. If you're the geeky type, you can submit your creations to be featured in the ForeverGeek Directory, for example. The idea is simple: make something out of the hobbies that take up your time.

A Huge Realization

When I began reading the infographic, I was on a wishful path. I was focused on the desire to have more hours at my disposal. Perhaps you were/are, too. However, as I went on writing this article, I experienced a shift in my thinking.

You know how sometimes you get those realizations which should have been so obvious but, for some reason, are not? That's what happened to me.

In fact, it is the upcoming Coursera class that helped me come to my realization: we have many things we wish we could do. If only we had more time. What we sometimes overlook, however, is that we could actually do one or two more things. If we really wanted to.

It's a matter of how much you really want to do something. If the desire is that strong, somehow, you will find a way to do that thing.

It's also a matter of juggling things and making priorities.

At the end of the day, with or without two extra hours a day, we should not set our dreams aside.

So, what would you do if you had two extra hours every day? What's stopping you from doing it? Why don't you start now?

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Rose on 03/05/2014

If I had two extra hours, I'd spend the time writing and daydreaming. I do a lot of writing - but it's commercial writing rather than creative writing. I tend not to have time for the latter.

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