Who is J Ellis

by Jellis

J Ellis is a person of great interest. She writes for many different online publication, more notable is Examiner.com. She is also an avid gardener and home DIY'er.

J Ellis

Person behind the person.

If anyone knows me, then they know that I love to write and I am always online doing something. Most of my work is published online at Examiner.com. I started my humble beings with a site that no longers accepts writes through their community page but hires experiented writers through it home site. It was when I began to grow as a writer that I became a freelance writer for other major sites. Now it seems that nothing can stop me and that my writing career has just begun.

My life has taken some very interesting turns, most recently with my youngest turning 18. That was a landmark for me. 18 years has gone by since my youngest daughter was born, though it seems like yesterday I was laying in a hospital bed at Tampa General Hospital on Davis Island on Memmorial Weekend watching the fireworks from the window. She came into this world with a bang and has been a bang ever since. My 3 kids have been the most amazing kids, always wanting to share things and will give you anything they have.

I credit most of knowledge to my Dad, he has been an ispiration to me all of my life. I followed my Dad around like a puppy, always wanting to learn more, to know more and he was always teaching me. I didn't always get along with my Dad, we had our ups and downs, but that never changed how I felt, I will always honor and love my Dad.

My greatest love is my husband. He stays in the background most of the time and watches as I shine when one of my articles gets published or when one of the kids gets acknowledged for something. He will always be my Knight in shining armour.

The second major thing is my 3 Granddaughters. And the fact that the live next door makes for a very interesting life. Not a dull moment ever goes by that they have found something new to show me. I now know what every other grandmother feels, that joy of seeing life through the eyes of your family. And knowing that you have more to share than just what you own, it's the knowledge that is passed down to the next generation that makes life worth living. And with this next generation, I hope things are much better for them when they embark on a life of their own. Better health care, more energy efficient use of our planets natural resourses and that they learn from past history and not to make the same mistakes that were made by our generation.


Updated: 06/02/2011, Jellis
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