July 15th 2013 The Hostess Twinkie Makes The Sweetest Comeback Ever

by katiem2

Hostess will be back and the stock and on your local store shelves this July with the expected date of the 15th, yes the 15th of July 2013 you can buy twinkies and more snack cakes

Twinkies make a come back. You can get your hands on twinkies and other beloved Hostess snack cakes the 15th day of July, yes this July this year 2013 no joke.The fall of the beloved Twinkies sparked mourning for the beloved baked goods. The fall of Hostess is another wake-up call as to the fragility of our economy, Now more than ever loyal customers find themselves longing to stand before the Hostess section picking out cup cakes, ho ho's and snack cakes. Wait no more Twinkies are coming back to stores near you July 15th 2013

Who’s Buying Hostess?

Georgia Company Flowers Foods bought Tastykake a little over two years ago and has since bought Hostess Wonder bread.

Is this company working to monopolize the snack cake and bread industry?

If so this company could be the best stock you've ever bought or is it breaking off more than it should?  

Regardless I feel it's a good investment to ease into.  Start small and watch the stocks carefully on a daily basis to scoop up more before the stocks jump.

Twinkies Still Available on Amazon

Where to Buy Hostess Snack Cakes

You Can Still Buy Hostess Snack Cakes on Amazon.

Many with inside information and some simply taking advantage of the breaking news of Hostesses closing jumped on the opportunity to buy up as many Hostess snack cakes as they could get their hands on. They now sell them on Amazon. You can follow the Twinkies picture above to the sales page where you will find a variety of Hostess snack cakes for sale.

Flowers Foods Buys Wonder Bread

The question remains as to whether Flowers Foods will purchase the remainder of the Hostess brand.

While Flowers Foods did not purchase Hostess in its entirety deals are in the works to do just that.The stocks of Flowers Foods have increased over 10 percent with the rumor of their taking over the Hostess brand. 

The fact they did not acquire the snack cakes portion of the brand begs the question why? Is it a more advantageous to section of the sales of Hostess? 

Why would a company buy the bread and not the snack cakes? It seems the powers that be in charge of the Hostess brand understand the enormity of it's future value and potential to boom in earnings.

The bottom line is the snack cakes portion of Hostess, including the iconic twinkie, will be sold separately.

It makes since for the Flowers Food Company to make a bid and may have bought the Wonder and Nature’s Pride brands to position themselves as the favorite to take over the entire Hostess brand and product lineup.

The buyers of the remaining Hostess Company hopefully will be announced in the coming weeks.

Where to Buy Hostess Twinkies

The savvy shoppers stocked up on Hostess products to sell for a profit.

There are still Hostess snack cakes to be had. Smart shoppers bought up as many of the Hostess snack cakes they could get their hands on and now sell them online. Many reputable people are selling Hostess snack cakes at Amazon. Amazon monitors the sale of all products offered on its site and is therefore my site of choice for buying the remaining Hostess snack cakes. Just below to your right you will find the Hostess snack cake products available for purchases at Amazon. Hurry to buy as these products will sell out very fast. Enjoy!

What Does Hostess Make?

The Hostess snack cake company is responsible for making many sweet treats and breads.

The Sweet Snacks include;

  1. Twinkies
  2. Cup Cakes (chocolate, vanilla and orange)
  3. Ding Dongs
  4. Ho Hos
  5. Sno Balls
  6. Donettes

The Drakes Products Bought Out

  • Devil Dogs – Drake’s
  • Funny Bones – Drake’s
  • Ring Dings – Drake’s
  • Coffee Cakes – Drake’s
  • Blueberry Muffins – Drake’s
  • Yodels – Drake’s


  • Wonder
  • Beefsteak
  • Nature’s Pride
  • Merita
  • Home Pride
  • Cotton’s Holsum
  • Bread du Jour
  • Butternut
  • Millbrook
  • Eddy’s
  • J.J. Nissen
  • Sweetheart



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What's Your Favorite Hostess Snack Cake?

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katiem2 on 06/26/2017

DerdriuMarriner, I always avoid junk in general but strictly during lent.

DerdriuMarriner on 04/03/2017

katiem2, Are you staying off junk food this Lent also? The company sounds like a good investment that respects North American cultural roots as a snack and vending food favorite. I'm revisiting the Transformers series in preparation for the June release of the fifth film and got a laugh over the red-socked president (President George W. Bush because of the southern accent?) asking for one (Ding dong? Hostess? Twinkie?) of the items on your product line list.

katiem2 on 05/21/2013

kimbesa, Who doesn't love Hostess? I predict sales will be booming when they return.

kimbesa on 05/21/2013

I'm looking forward to the return of the chocolate cupcakes. Sometimes, they just hit the spot. A friend of mine will be so happy to find Raspberry Zingers again, too!

katiem2 on 05/21/2013

Don, I feel your pain, I took Hostess for granted and now miss it greatly.

don on 05/20/2013

the short cakes were the best on the market and now have to do without

katiem2 on 04/02/2013

Paul, I don't eat twinkies myself, the little cream filled cakes are like a sponge cake. I'm not big on sweets but I am big on a good investment, which I too feel this will be.

Paul on 04/02/2013

I've never experienced a Twinkie, and by the sounds of what they are, it doesn't seem like I'd like them. Saying that, their popularity does make it seem an extremely viable option for purchasing stock.

katiem2 on 03/28/2013

Me too Bets. I gave up junk food for lent and Hostess cakes falls into that category. I do like a orange cup cake now and then.

Bets on 03/27/2013

OMG I want some twinkies and hoho's

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