Colorful, Whimsical Wind Spinners for Your Yard and Garden

by CountrySunshine

Wind spinners add movement and color to your yard and garden, and are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes and textures.

The first time I saw a wind spinner was on the strip in Las Vegas. They were sold at a variety of shops, and I soon found myself purchasing two to bring home. Since that time, I have purchased more for my friends and family. These spinners bring light and movement into the yard, and add a colorful touch.

Wind spinners come in a rainbow of colors, a variety of shapes, and are made of metal or fabric. Unlike wind chimes, these wind spinners make no sound as they spin in the breeze.

Here are my recommendations for the best wind spinners to brighten and decorate your yard or garden:

Hummingbird Spinner

A multi-colored spinner made of coated steel, helping it keep it's color after spending time in the sun.  A beautiful, true-to-life hummingbird feeds in the center.  

Hang it indoors where the light will catch it, or outdoors in your garden.  It is a lovely addition for your home and garden.

Cosmix Blue & Copper Spinner

Made of handcrafted copper, this blue & copper Cosmix Spinner will brighten any outdoor space! It moves easily in the slightest breeze, and shines brightly in the sun. This Cosmix Spinner is also available in purple, red and green.

Hang multiple wind spinners in the same area
at different heights for a dramatic, colorful effect!

Rainbow Spinner

Bring all the colors of the rainbow into your outdoor spaces with the Rainbow Curlie Spinner.

Made of weather resistant polyester, it will hold up in all weather conditions. An included swivel makes this spinner easy to display anywhere in your yard or garden.

Tail Wind “Cyclone” Spinners

To add some weight to your spinner so the wind won’t whip it around, hang a tail wind spinner on the bottom. They come in several colors to match your spinner, or purchase a “glow in the dark” tail spinner for even more interest.

Note: Most wind spinners have a hole at the bottom so you can easily attach one of these tail spinners.

Copper with Red Marble

This tail wind spinner attaches easily to your wind spinner.  It is copper colored, with a large red marble.  When the spinner turns, it looks as if the marble is moving up and down!

Chrome with Blue Marble

Like the tail wind spinner above, simply attach to the bottom of your hanging wind spinner.  Made of shiny chrome with a blue marble, this will match just about any spinner or decor.

Copper with Glow-in-the-Dark Marble

Let the sun shine all day on your wind spinner, and this marble will glow in the dark at night!  I have one of these glow-in-the-dark spinners, and the effect can be a bit eerie.  A fun accessory for any of the wind spinners above.

Hummingbird and Tail Wind Spinner Combo

Beautiful butterflies spin in the breeze in this wind and cyclone tail spinner combo. As the wind hits the tail spinner, the marble appears to climb up and down the spiral. A pretty addition to any yard or garden!

Updated: 09/08/2015, CountrySunshine
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