Wizzley - the writers' community overview

by Marko

Are you already making money online or just thinking to start earning money on-line? Are you new to Wizzley.com or you are just about to register?

Right now you don't need all the details about modules and tools. What you need is just a short overview of this environment and the tools which can easily help you to make money on internet.
There are many pages with detailed description about available tools and modules which can be used when writing articles on Wizzley. But maybe the first step for a novice on-line writer or someone who wants to become one on Wizzley should be a short view from a higher/wider perspective. That is why this page is all about – short overview of Wizzley.com and its opportunities for making money online.

What's all about Wizzley.com?

Wizzley is a writers' community, shared impression site, a platform and a place where you can easily use different predefined modules to write unique articles and make some extra online money.

And it's much more than that! The community is friendly and supportive and Wizzley team gives you all the assistance you need.  And, what is most important (well, most writers are here for making money, aren't they?) – here you can find many different and very useful tools for making money online on Amazon, Google, VigLink, AllPosters, Chitica, Ebay or Zazzle! Very impressive list for potential affiliate marketing!

To summarize all the benefits:

  • FREE membership
  • immediate start possible
  • useful modules and tools for creating unique articles
  • a supportive and friendly community and assistance from Wizzley team
  • included different tools for making money on Amazon, Google, VigLink,...
  • great Wizzley forums
  • different statistic tools and views to help you watch your progress
  • integrated analytics page where you can check your affiliate marketing results 

Shared impression site?

In the previous chapter I already mentioned that Wizzley is a shared impression site. That means that Wizzley earns money by sharing impressions with its authors through ads, which are integrated in the authors' articles. You as an author can get from 50-60% of the page impressions. The rest is collected by Wizzley and used for maintaining servers, software development, charity and for Wizzley's stuff.

OK, earning money is only optional – you can just give all or part of your earnings to charity. It's your choice.

It's definitely a Win-Win situation

Yes, it's definitely a Win-Win situation: the more you earn, the more Wizzley earns, too. Wizzley offers you what you as an on-line author need most – great tool for writing and yes, making money, too. It's all transparent, you can see, edit or update all your pages, check your pages' statistic and (earning) analytics, your fan list,  referrals and administrate your settings.

Using all available modules is quite simple - no special computer knowledge is needed. All you need are just - your time and your creativity.

So – just do concentrate on writing and Wizzley will take care for the rest!

And there is even more...

Yes, there is one more powerful tool imlemented on Wizzley which helps you earn some extra money. You can recruit new authors with the help of your personal Wizzley referral link. When new authors follow your referral link and register with Wizzley within 30 days, you can participate with 10% of the page impressions on all pages, written by your reffered authors – permanently! Your referral authors shouldn' worry about – those 10% are coming directly from Wizzley share.

The End – or shall I write - The Start?

I hope that by reading this article you got the idea what's all about this great Wizzley community. And I sincerely hope that this findings will be a trigger for you to start writing and making money online by using Wizzley.

Updated: 05/25/2012, Marko
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Tolovaj on 06/20/2012

You are right, Marko, Wizzley is very nice and responsive community where are many possibilities to create and I believe even making money. I am using it just under two months now and am still experimenting, but I already think this can be a beginning of long lasting friendship.

Marko on 05/09/2012

Thanks for stopping by, Katie. After being on Wizzley for a month I am still a novice - but so far my experiences are good.

katiem2 on 05/08/2012

I agree, its good to hear from other writers on a revenue sharing site and their experiences having actually worked the site.

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